Structure and Architecture

The structure plays a key to understanding the role architecture. Unstructured no building, to make the design must know how to be the way you give in this is where the structure that would support our construction enters. All these buildings contain a structure, but the technical requirements of the structure have no significant influence on the way that has been adopted and structural elements themselves are not important contribution to the aesthetics of architecture. The simplest way of describing the function of an architectural structure is to say that it is the part of a building which resists the loads that are imposed on it. A building may be regarded as simply an envelope which encloses and subdivides space in order to create a protected environment. The surfaces which form the envelope, that is the walls, the floors and the roof of the building, are subjected to various types of loading: external surfaces are exposed to the climatic loads of snow, wind and rain; floors are subjected to the gravitational loads of the occupants and their effects; and most of the surfaces also have to carry their own weight.

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