perseverance  on  football  injury

BY:Jy"veon  White


Injuries happen when a person gets hit from a certain angle or something that stops you  from doing what you have to do,and the most posable  thimg to happen is,  when a bigger  or fatter person hits you but there are more ways that is how most of them happen.

Injury-An injury is when someone gets hurt and can't do anything to his or her best ability

A  interesting fact about my topic is when many football players at home they still get there salary.

Definition: An  concussion is a traumatic brain injury,   or TBI , caused by a bump, blow or spack to the head that can change the way you think.

The Sines Of  Concussion

There are a cupel of symptoms but there are  for that are the most important,headaches,wanted to throw up,knee pain, pain in your achle and spazims.

There are many people that help football axidents, but the main one is having a concution a docter or a neurolagist but regular doctors do much as the picific head docter but regular mostly helps broken bones.

People That Help with Injuries

It is important for people to no about this because of future predicumints and they need to no who to go to and why they need to go to this preticular person.

This  is a picture of one of the mannings on a stretcher.

Why is this important

This is important because what if your your son or husband make N.F.L, there is a risk of getting injured so this is a important thing to know about.

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