Best Italian food in Singapore

Ti piace il cibo italiano?

For those who did not understand the sentence above, it says, “Do you like Italian food?” A lot of people around the world appreciate the Italian cuisine more than the actual Italians. It has invaded the kitchens of many countries, proving its international quality and appeal.

Italian food also enjoys immense popularity and acceptance in Singapore. There are a lot of restaurants, hawker stalls and food places offering the Italian cuisine to cater to Singaporeans. They even provide italian food delivery services to reach even larger customer preferences.

Given this accessibility, what is our excuse not to try these sumptuous Italian dishes? To help you choose what to try first, here are some of the best italian food in Singapore. Gustare il cibo!

Pete’s Place - Pete’s Place sound very American but it is a popular Italian food place in Singapore. Located in the Grand Hyatt Singapore, it boasts an array of Italian food for your palette satisfaction. It is considered to be one of the oldest Italian restaurants in the city-state. Their Sunday Italian Prosecco Brunch with free flow of wine and prosecco, selected juices and coffee will definitely give you an Italian overload! Another special thing is their interior, mimicking the authentic Italian vibe.

Bella Pizza - If you are a fan of Pizza, then Bella Pizza is the Italian restaurant for you. Located in 30 Robertson Quay, Bella Pizza offers most of the best-selling pizza variations out there. They have cheap and reasonable prices, perfect for people on a tight budget but still want to enjoy pizza and pasta. Aside from their pizzas, they also offer pasta.

Da Paolo Bistro Bar - The unique ambiance at Da Paolo Restaurant at Rochester park will give you the Italian experience you need. It may be odd, but it resembles a fusion of a restaurant and pizza parlor. They have two open questions. Their pizza bar is positioned near the entrance of their restaurant. When it comes to the menu, they offer numerous variety of pizzas. If you want to experience Italian food in Singapore, this is definitely one of the places you should go and dine in.

Otto Ristorante - Otto Ristorante located in Maxwell Road blends the traditional Italian interior, hospitality, and elegance to provide diners with unique experience. They have experience chefs to provide the authentic Italian charm in their food offerings. Michele Pavanello, a widely acclaimed Italian chef, brings the fresh spark on their menu. They offer Crispy Suckling Pig, Spaghetti, Creme Brulee, pasta and bread. If you want private dining this is a go-to place for you. It is best for romantic dinner dates, business dining, corporate functions, and fine dining. Just a reminder, you need to reserve in order to dine in Otto Ristorante. So it is best to call their landline first before going.

So have you decided where to try the Italian food in Singapore? No matter where you choose, just enjoy the Italian experience!