My Travel to the Arbia Peninsula

By: Austin Castle

I have Just gotton back from the Arabian Pininsula and boy is it hot. Make sure if you ever go there to where loose baggy clothing so that the air can move through. You begin to get very in need of water so search for some oasis's too. Camels are good to travel with because  they can carry a lot of things and do not need a lot of water. Surprisingly in this desert there are tree's and water sources pretty often. At night it can get very cold so make sure to dress warm. At the mountains the weather is very wierd because it could be 40 degrees at one place then 10 miles west it could be 70. It really all depends  on the way the mountains are facing. At the oasis's make sure to make houses or tents out of the palm tree's use the leaves as the roof. At the coastal plains it is a good place for trade. At the mountains there is terrace farming.

This is an image of a town in the mountains of the Arabian Peninsula

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