Bronwen Halliwell

Sales and Marketing Representative/ Clinical Liason at Infusion Technologies, Medical /Pharmaceutical Sales

About Bronwen Halliwell

Bronwen Riley Halliwell is a Sales and Marketing Representative and Clinical Liaison with Infusion Technologies in Miami. Responsible for consulting hospitals and physicians on injectable and intravenous medications, Ms. Halliwell has proven her skill in the challenging and competitive environment that her company provides. Along with maintaining exceptional customer service, Bronwen Halliwell consistently achieves her sales targets, and has worked to enhance the company’s marketing materials to increase brand recognition.

Prior to joining Infusion Technologies, Bronwen Halliwell spent almost ten years as a registered nurse, working in obstetrics at various hospitals in New York, Florida, California, and Colorado. To prepare for her career, Ms. Halliwell attended the University of South Florida in Tampa, where she earned a Bachelor of Science in Nursing. She plans on working toward her Master of Business Administration, and is exploring programs at Florida International University and the University of Miami.

Outside of her career, Bronwen Halliwell studies Buddhist meditation and has taken instruction from Kelsang Norbu, a Kadampa Buddhist monk in Coconut Grove, Florida. An advocate for animal welfare, Ms. Halliwell has supported the ASCPA, Broward Humane Society, and the Dumb Friends League for Cats and Dogs. She has also volunteered at Planned Parenthood, the Red Cross, and Tampa General Hospital.

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