Brooke Kuecker

A Dedicated College Student

About Brooke Kuecker

A student, Brooke Kuecker studies health sciences in a bachelor's degree program while also working as an office manager with a cosmetic sales company. She currently holds an associate degree from Lake Area Technical Institute, where she studied dental sciences. While there, Brooke Kuecker gained hands-on experience as a dental assistant, which encouraged her to continue her education and strive for a higher-level degree in a similar field.

Early in her education, Brooke Kuecker demonstrated the dedication and reliability that would characterize her adult work ethic. In elementary school, she competed on the basketball and softball teams. Additionally, she involved herself in the Oral Interpretation Program, which required giving speeches before her peers and teachers. In high school, she trained as a gymnast and learned to appreciate the benefits of coordination and physical fitness.

In addition to her academic achievements, Kuecker is a life member of the Veterans of Foreign Wars Ladies Auxiliary. She also holds membership with the New Helgen Lutheran Church.