Unit 3 -
Culture: Patterns and Processes
BY: Brooke Brann Period G

~ What groups are involved, who had the power?

There were 5 groups ( Army & Wealthy, Peasants, Guerillas, United States, Government). The group that had the most power was the Army and Wealthy because they started out with the most MSU's. Since they had the most MSU's they had the power to silence people to make them sit down and shut up.

~ How did the balance of power shift and why?

The balance of power shifted when people created treaties, or gave other groups MSU's. When Bailey and I joined the guerillas they gained 20 MSU's.

~ How was the cooperation and conflict shown in the game?

One conflict in our game was when Nick ( Army & Wealthy ) silenced Troy because he was being annoying to the other groups.

~ What role did the US have?

The US did not do anything. They were supposed to make peace but they did not do much.

~ When power shifts is it positive or negative?

It depends. If  the person is gaining power then it is positive. If they lose power it is negative.

~ Cooperation or conflict in your life?

Me and Bailey have conflict a lot. The other day we made a deal that I would walk to the bathroom with her if she bought me a fruit rollup at lunch. Another example of conflict is when her boyfriend wanted to fight one of my friends because he called her pretty.

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