Battle of Brown's Mill
 By: Donte' Dwight

The Battle of Brown's Mill

Have you ever thought about the battles that happened in Georgia? You probably did, but didn't pay much attention to it. This event occurred on this land. The Battle of Brown's Mill was fought July 30, 1864, in Coweta County, during the Atlanta Campaign of the American Civil War. Edward M. McCook's Union cavalry, on a daring raid to sever communications and supply lines in south-central Georgia, was defeated near Newnan by Confederate forces under Joseph Wheeler. They were against the Union forces. Brown's Mill changed the course of the Atlanta Campaign, forcing Sherman to abandon his efforts to use cavalry to cut Atlanta's railroads and compelling him to begin a lengthy siege of Atlanta.

The Civil War

This was the Civil war, that was under President Lincoln of the United States. The Battle of Brown's Mill is between the Union army and the Confederate states (North and South United States.  The fighting at Brown's Mill cost McCook about one hundred killed and wounded, while Wheeler's casualties probably numbered less than fifty. Newnan's military hospitals treated injured Rebels and Yanks, and buried those who died of their wounds at Oak Hill Cemetery. Three years later, in 1867, the United States government removed the remains of the Union soldiers from the Brown's Mill battlefield and Oak Hill for reburial at the Marietta National Cemetery.

Mr. William T. Sherman

William Tecumseh Sherman, although not a career military commander before the war, would become one of "the most widely renowned of the Union’s military leaders next to U. S. Grant.” He didn't fight in most of the wars before the Civil War fought in many others wars, but he experienced some wars that his friends was in. How did you feel about learning something new?

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