Best time I past in 6 grade

Its hard to live friends that you have nown them when you were little,but life is like that in life you will not get what you want if you don't try to do it. One of the thing of 6 grade I will never forget is when all the boys pass joking and telling dump things. The second thing I will never forget is when we interact with each other and tell why that classmate is good for you. And the last thing I will never forget is my great teacher some times he punish me but I didn't like it. But then I figure out that there's is a time were your the a her will make you laugh and you will forget all the punishment that your teacher made to you. Mr.jairo you were a great teacher with me do not ever forget because is always good to laugh,But there is  a point were you need to stop laughing and do school work. I had a beautiful experianse with you,you are one of the best teachers I ever had,I will miss you Mr jairo all the great times we past together.