Maxis Broadband Packages in Malaysia

Maxis broadband brings you excellent coverage in almost every corner of the country and our services are rapidly expanding. If you are a heavy internet user like us and are always on the go, finding out the Best Postpaid Broadband Plan in Malaysia is a must. After all, with the vast number of maxis broadband providers and the various plans they offer, it can sometimes get confusing when you search for the best value for money maxis broadband Plans in Malaysia.

It is an approved supplier for Maxis broadband packages in Malaysia. is possessed by University Sdn Bhd, which is the top Telecom and websites remedy company in Malaysia. We have recognized ourselves as the approved associate for significant Fibers High Rate Broadband and Cellular System Providers with Astro, Maxis, Time, Digi, TM and P1.

Maxis broadband is a broadband administration that uses fiber optics to convey fast web, telephone and IPTV administrations to clients' homes. The kind of innovation used to convey Maxis broadband administration to clients' homes would rely on upon the sort of client reason. On the off chance that the client's reason is an arrived property, Fiber to the Home will be utilized while if the client's reason is a tall structure, Very rapid Digital Subscriber Line 2 will be utilized.

Make up for lost time with the quick moving universe of broadband with our energizing bundles. Bring the web's rich media substance to life and appreciate that help in integration, just with Broadband. Appreciate the best arrangements and a scope of bundles suited to your needs.

Maxis Fiber broadband is simple and advantageous these days. Check bundle on the web, submit important reports through our online application structure for both buyer and business applications. Broadband establishment designer will go to your site for the establishment. Other than as stage for apply home/office broadband, has the alternative to orchestrate our specialist to on location your office to backing/ coordinate for the broadband/ fiber association establishment. is configuration to help and permit you, as our clients to subscribe to all broadband and fiber web online with generally advantageous. Extra Services 24 hours call help, Basic Technical Issue, Face-to-face presentation, Reply inside 24 hours. With its Home Fiber Internet administration, at present accessible to 1.3 million homes and its remote Internet administration with 82 percent populace scope, Maxis offers the Internet to more than six million homes in Malaysia. Both administrations come bundled with settled line telephony including free dispensed minutes to altered and portable numbers.

As a Fiber High Speed Broadband and Mobile Network Operators, we understand business need cutting edge technologies that are simply efficient, always connected, with no interruptions and no downtime. Maxis business fibre internet is the only fibre internet service with a wireless backup service so you are guaranteed of business as usual. At maxis broadband, we will provide you with the Fibre internet plan with an amazing speed of 30Mbps. The fact is you do need the fastest broadband speed you can get your hand on. The faster the speed, the more you can do with it. With the mega speeds on tap, Online gaming, downloading, video streaming and online shopping can be done at the same time by more than a few people in the household. For more information visit the site

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