Pre-order iPhone 6 Plus Skins

If you are the proud owner of an iPhone 6+, there’s even more reason to dress it up with a sleek iPhone skin. Slickwraps is the first to design skins or wraps, as they are called, for the sleek iPhone 6 Plus.

A variety of options

Slickwraps skins for the iPhone 6 Plus come in a wide range of colours and textures. In fact, you can choose from a range of 39 different options to suit your taste. There’s the basic black skin or the pure white. Pick out a sleek skin for your iPhone 6 Plus in either blue, pink, green orange, red, grey, yellow, gun metal, silver, purple carbon, glitter fjord blue, alligator black, alligator white, leather orange, brushed steel, ebony, mahogany or teakwood, whatever catches your fancy. Pre-order an iPhone 6+ wrap or skin from any of those displayed at

Quality Wraps and Skins from SlickWraps

Each of the Slickwraps iPhone 6+skins are made from extremely good quality and durable material that not only protects your delicate cell phone but also makes it look great. The thin but tough vinyl skin ensures your phone is protected from minor scratches and falls associated with everyday handling without adding to the bulk. Take for example the Glitz Series Full Body Wraps for the iPhone 6 Plus. The ultra thin, ultra glossy vinyl is not only tough; it gives your phone a glittering personality with tiny metallic sparkles reflecting light in all directions. You’re sure to make heads turn wherever you go!

Precision Design for iPhone 6 cover

The laser precision designing and layout of the iPhone 6 Plus wraps from SlickWraps ensure a proper fit for your phone. Also, the SlickWraps phone skin ensures a better grip so that accidental dropping of your precious iPhone 6 Plus is minimized.

Durable, state-of-the-art material combined with the use of high quality adhesive make SlickWraps skins the best protection for your iPhone 6 Plus. iPhone 6 Plus skins are uniquely designed and are extremely easy to install, without leaving air bubbles. And, even if you do have a problem with the installation, you can contact us within 30 days. We will send you a free replacement without any hassles.

The Slickwraps iPhone 6 Plus Wraps, Skins and iPhone 6 plus cover

Beauty, quality and durability along with protection are the characteristics of iPhone 6 Plus Skins, wraps and decals. You’ve worked hard for the latest iPhone 6 Plus, now’s the time to give it that personality and great look with a super thin iPhone 6 Plus Skin. Pre-order iPhone 6 Plus Skins from any of the 39 variations of colours and textures available at, today.

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