Bruce Furst

Bruce Furst with Pitbull

President At Ashber Corporation

Entertainment industry professional Bruce Furst holds a law degree with a focus in intellectual property. Throughout his professional career, Furst has used this specific expertise in his experience as a direct licensee of such major institutions as Paramount Pictures, Ritz Carlton Hotels, and Major League Baseball. Bruce Furst earned his undergraduate degree at UCLA, where he majored in political science.

Currently, Bruce Furst lends his talents as an executive producer to a number of successful projects in the film and music industries. An attestation to his eye for talent, several young actors who have collaborated with Bruce Furst have gone on to achieve box office success.

Actors discovered by executive producer Bruce Furst include Adam Sevani, whom he cast in an independent film production at a young age. Sevani has gone on to star in the Step Up movie series. Bruce Furst also cast Booboo Stewart in “Fly Kidz,” and this young man now stars in “Twilight: Breaking Dawn” as Seth Clearwater.

Bruce Furst, who produced an album in 2006 featuring Christina Aguilera, is happy to see her recent success, particularly as a star in the hit movie “Burlesque.” This album, distributed by Sony BMG Music in the holiday season, also features such musical icons as Tony Bennett, Luther Vandross, and Babyface. Owing in part to Bruce Furst’s work as a producer, this project would go on to become the year’s highest grossing album in the category of holiday music compilations.

Bruce Furst is currently working on a printed media project and hopes to feature Lady Ga Ga as the project’s first artist. Also pursuing continued involvement in the film industry, Bruce Furst is working to obtain proprietary rights for the feature film “The Hunger Games.”

Recognition and Events at the Harvard Parents Fund

A longtime entertainment executive based in Austin, Texas, Bruce Furst currently serves as the president of the Ashber Corporation, where he licenses music content to film productions and negotiates for film distribution rights. Aside from his professional activities, Bruce Furst contributes to the Harvard University Parents Fund, which raises money for undergraduate programs, such as athletics, the arts, advising, and residential life.

In addition to providing valuable support for Harvard undergraduates, the Harvard Parents Fund sponsors a number of events for donors.

In October, the Harvard Parents Fund hosts the annual Harvard Yard Society Dinner. At the event, leaders at the university recognize those individuals who donate $50,000 or more to Harvard programs.

In the spring, the Harvard Parents Fund invites parents to Parents Leadership Weekend, which includes a wide variety of receptions and symposia. Parents are also encouraged to attend parents’ weekends during the month of February. Other events include Harvard Commencement and Harvard College Reconnect, where parents have the opportunity to catch up with Harvard alumni and parents.