Bruce Gingrich

Founder and CEO of Lifechek Pharmacies

About Bruce Gingrich

As CEO and owner of the Texas Lifechek Drug pharmacy business, Bruce Gingrich draws on more than 23 years of entrepreneurial experience. He opened his first store only a day before receiving his pharmacist's license and grew the location's revenues substantially in less than two months. Four years after the first location opened its doors, Bruce Gingrich had established his second store; shortly thereafter, he left his role as a practicing pharmacist to manage the company's growth as CEO.

Since then, Gingrich has bought numerous store locations, many of which he then guided to profitability and sold to nationally leading chains. He has also expanded his interests with the establishment of six compounding pharmacies, which he intends to make available for public share trading in the near future. Having driven the company's development into the largest single-owner pharmacy chain nationwide, Gingrich continues to lead Lifechek's corporate office and facilitate the professional development of his staff of pharmacists.