On the Water with Bruce Ogden, a Colorado Resident

Bruce Ogden of Colorado is a hard-working supervisor at a local and growing engineering firm. He puts in long hours and thus is always looking for some reciprocal method of recreation that he can do with his family. He has many choices and engages with many around the year, but one of their favorites is that of water sports. He likes to spend a great deal of time boating, tubing and so on.

Anytime on the water is good time, and they certainly like to go to places like Grand Lake, a variety of rivers around the Front Range and any body of water within driving distance. Recently he purchased two jet skis and anticipates a time when the season turns the weather a bit warmer so that the kids can enjoy some high-speed water action. Water sports are highly popular in the state of Colorado and on a given weekend you will see many crafts in bodies of recreational water throughout the land.

Bruce Ogden finds a tremendous amount of enjoyment and relaxation through this activity as well as enjoying all of the time that he gets to spend with his family. They all love to be out there, riding some waves and having fun. If there were one thing that he could change about water sports it would be able to get more time to do it throughout the year. He looks forward to the months and years ahead on the two jet skis that will be out on the waters very soon.

Top Colorado Fishing Spots

The Colorado Parks & Wildlife provides a wealth of information about fishing with your family. Here are a few suggestions for places where you can enjoy your family fishing experience, and an interactive map of the top 101(+) places to take a kid fishing.

1. Mt. Evans Trout Fishing, Idaho Springs

Just 45 minutes west of Denver, you'll find the charming Grandma & Grandpa's Fishing Pond. The generously stocked pond teams with rainbow trout ready to bite. Children of all ages will also get a kick out of the resident reindeer, gentle creatures that are always happy to see visitors.

2. Schryver Park Kids Pond, Manitou Springs

One of Manitou Springs' claims to fame is the mineral spring water that the town was built around, and this small pond is the perfect place for the whole family to sink a line into those famous waters. On the east side of town, the pond is fed by Fountain Creek and shaded by giant cottonwood trees.

3. Fort Collins City Park Lake, Fort Collins

Also known as Sheldon Lake, this pond is a lively urban fishing hole chock-full of rainbow trout, bluegill and crappies. Perch on the large wooden deck near plenty of picnic tables and drop your line in over the railing – it won't be long before you feel a tug on your pole.

Bruce Ogden of Colorado really enjoys spending time outdoors and takes his family on regular fishing trips. He feels its a good way for the family to bond and spend unstructured time together.

Best Ski Resorts in Colorado For Families

Skiing is a great family activity. Although it is on the expensive side, skiing is a great way to bond and enjoy the outdoors together. Teaching your children to ski is amusing, enjoyable, and rewarding. It is, therefore, important to go to a ski resort that is family friendly. Here are three of the most family-friendly skiing resorts in Colorado.

Beaver Creek is a small and contained ski resort where it is okay to let your kids ski on their own if they are capable of that. The town is pedestrian friendly and is made in a way so that it is easier for skiers to carry around their equipment. The town also has an ice skating rink, which is very popular with children in the evening.

Crested Butte is huge ski area but only has one base area meaning that it is difficult to get lost because all the trails funnel to the same area. Crested Butte has a day care center for kids up to three years old and a camp program where kids learn to ski and participate in organized evening activities.

Aspen/Snowmass are not necessarily family friendly because most of the runs are for at least intermediates skiers. However, Buttermilk, just east of Aspen, is a great place for kids to learn to ski and is the home of the X Games. You can ski at Aspen while your kids are taking classes in the nearby ski schools at Buttermilk.

Bruce Ogden and his family love to ski in Colorado. They live just outside of the Rocky Mountain foothills and regularly take weekend vacations to go skiing in the nearby mountains.

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Bruce Ogden Colorado

Three of the Best Deer Hunting States in the Country

Deer hunting is one of the most popular hunting seasons on the calendar. Deer hunting season is a yearly family activity for many and is as popular as Thanksgiving for many families. Choosing the best hunting state is a difficult task and one that is difficult to back up. Having said that, here are three of the best states to deer hunt in the country.

  • Kentucky is not known for hunting. It is best known for college basketball and bourbon. However, Kentucky has 1.5 million acres of public land, offers generous seasons to hunters, and is reasonably priced. It also has a low hunter density with five to eight hunters per square mile.
  • Arkansas offers 6.4 million acres of public land, which is more land than most states can offer combined. Roughly 200,000 are hunted per year in Arkansas, and the state has high trophy numbers. The hunter density numbers are relatively low with five to eight hunters per square mile in the state.
  • Idaho has almost 1 million acres of public land just in the northern part of the state. In fact, almost two-thirds of the state is public land. Idaho is a hunter’s heaven. The whitetail population is close to 200,000, which is a high number for the west. The deer to hunter ratio is about nine to one, which is incredibly high for any part of the country.

Bruce Ogden lives in Colorado and is an avid deer hunter. Bruce Ogden Colorado grew on a farm in North Dakota and spent every deer season there, out on land with the rest of his family.

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