An Evening With Obama

Discussing Gay Marriage and Gay Rights

Ellen DeGeneres

Guest Number One

Ellen Degeneres is a comedian, television host, actress, and television producer and established her own talk show in 2003. Ellen's ABC show reached its popularity height in February 1997 when Ellen made her homosexuality public on the Oprah Winfrey Show.

On August 16, 2008, Ellen married Portia de Rossi, and although there was doubt on the legal status of their marriage, the California Supreme Court validated the marriage.

Ellen is a strong advocate for the support of gay rights. Ellen said “do we have to know who's gay and who's straight? Can't we just love everybody.”

Ellen was chosen as a guest to President Obama's Dinner Party because she is a role model and inspiration to all people and is a genuinely happy, funny, and caring person. Ellen has a strong opinion on gay marriage and gay rights due to her personal experience and can relate to several people about the topic.

Erastes and Eromenos

Guest Number Two (A Couple)

Erastes, an adult male, and Eromenos, a teen are ancient Greeks associated with the god Zeus. Their practice came into place during the end of the Archaic period of Greek history.

There is a brass plaque from Crete from 650 BC, the oldest surviving representation of pederastic custom. This relationship was an important role in the Classical Greek social and educational system and had its own social etiquette. Pederasty was widely accepted in Greece as part of a man's coming if age.

However, unlike today, the father had to approve of his sons mate as worthy of the honor of being with him in order to protect his handsome and attractive son from forms of seduction. Although some Greek people disapproved of gay relationships, Greek myths ascribe love affairs with young men to several Greek gods such as Zeus, Poseidon, Apollo, Hercules, and Hermes.

President Obama would want one of the first recorded gay couples in history to be at his dinner party to show that being gay is acceptable and has had origins since the beginning of time. Also, you cannot tell a person they cannot be gay for it is a personal choice and a way of life.

Erastes and Eromenos would support gay rights and would encourage people to not be afraid to be gay and express their true character. We have chosen them in order to give a different perspective from the beginning of time and to show how much the controversy of gay rights has changed.

Dan Cathy

Guest Number Three

Dan Cathy has been the president and COO of Chick-fil-A since 2001. Chick-Fil-A, a fast food chain specializing in chicken sandwiches, was originally founded by Cathy’s father. Chick-Fil-A is heavily influenced by Southern Baptist principles. This is the primary reason why the fast food chain is closed on Sunday, the Christian day of worship. Cathy is committed to making sure his religious principles do not diminish as business prospers.

In January 2011, Chick-Fil-A announced it was cosponsoring organizations that clearly opposed same-sex marriage. Subsequently Dan Cathy himself made anti-gay statements. Although later on the statements were revoked, as well as lots of was money donated to pro same-sex marriage organizations, it is clear that Cathy believed same-sex marriage is very opposed to the morals he grew up with.

Dan Cathy would be useful for Obama to have at his dinner party because Cathy would illustrate the negative social effects of legalizing gay marriage to Obama. Cathy represents the part of America that is not yet ready to embrace change and he shows how same-sex marriage needs time before being dropped into the laps of Americans. Cathy will show Obama that his idea may be too liberal for the nation and can even discuss the effects of this topic on business.

Pope John Paul

Guest Number Four

Pope John Paul ii was pope of the Catholic Church from October 1978 until his death in April 2005. Pope John Paul ended Poland’s battle against communism as well as strengthened the Church’s relations with Judaism, Islam, Eastern Orthodox Church, and the Anglican Church.

He did however hold firm to Orthodox Catholic Stances. Given this, Pope John Paul ii was strongly opposed to same-sex marriage. In his biography he referred to pressures to legalize same sex-marriage as part of hidden and subtle “evil”. Pope John Paul asserted that the gay peoples did have the rights of other human beings however not politically.

Obama would benefit from having this man of God at his table because the Pope would speak on behalf of all citizens concerned about how same-sex marriage affects their religion. A large amount of Americans oppose gay marriage because they believe it is a major violation and sin in the eyes of God. Many other religions feel likewise. The pope would simply emphasize the importance of these religious beliefs and defend anti-gays in their struggle to preserving their religion. The pope could show the effect that enacting legislation in favor of the gays could have on the religious communities.

Bill Clinton

Guest Number Five

Forty-Second President of the United States.

Attended Georgetown University and Yale University for Law School.

Clinton Passed the Defense of Marriage Act, allowing states to refuse same-sex marriage. He also created the Don't Ask, Don't Tell policy during his presidency.

President Obama would want Bill Clinton at the table because Clinton offers an interesting view. Today, Clinton is very liberal in his social views. But, at one time he passed laws and policies that hindered gay right's growth.

Clinton would argue for gay right's but would be questioned on his thoughts when passing the policies above. Clinton would agree with Obama but has not always had the same views making him a fascinating guest.

Freddie Mercury

Guest Number Six

British musician and lead singer of Queen.

Died of bronchial pneumonia brought on by AIDS , only one day after publicly acknowledging that he had the disease.

President Obama would want Mercury at the table because he brings the opinion of someone not involved in politics throughout their life. Mercury would bring the point of view of someone who lived their life in the spotlight and acquired AIDS in the spotlight. Mercury was also known for being gay himself.

Furthermore, Mercury died in 1991, not seeing much changed in regards to Gay Rights. Mercury would push for Gay Rights and would be able to emphasis the growth Gay Rights has seen.

Richard Nixon

Guest Number Seven

37th President of the United States.

Attended Duke University.

President Obama would want Nixon at the table to provide an opposing opinion. Nixon, a Republican, was known for being anti-gay rights during his presidency. Nixon was also a man of strong opinions and would provide a heated debate on this issue.

Nixon would be anti-gay rights and gay marriage. Additionally, it would be interesting to see how he reacts to the changes that have been made since his death.

Parker Jaren O'Donnell

Guest Number Eight

The first child of Rosie O'Donnell, who recently turned 18 years old.

Attended Valley Forge Military Academy.

President Obama would want this young man at the table because first of all, Parker offers the opinion of a young citizen on gay rights. Additionally, Parker is the child of gay parents. Because of this he has experience nobody else at the table has.

Parker would be pro-gay rights and gay marriage. Additionally, having attended a military school, he will offer insight as to gay rights in the military.

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