Bryan Kolstad - Why I Love to Play Tuba

Marine mechanic Bryan Kolstad has an interesting and unique hobby that many people aren’t aware of: he loves to play the tuba in his spare time. He grew up with an innate love for music, and he began playing the tuba in the school band in seventh grade. A fast learner, he soon was practicing the instrument several times a week, and continued to play throughout high school, where he rose to first chair in the band. As an adult, he has continued to play with friends and in occasional small band performances in his hometown of Portland, Maine. He finds that playing the tuba has many positive effects on his life.

The biggest reason that Kolstad continues to play the tuba is that it is a great way to relax and de-stress after a long day at work. Both playing and listening to music have been shown to be successful in reducing stress and anxiety. The challenge of playing the tuba (or any instrument) is also a good way to challenge your brain and improve your focus, especially as you age. Reading music requires an immense amount of concentration, which can have positive effects on brain functioning in other aspects of your life. Playing music is also a great way to make friends – throughout school, Kolstad consistently made new friends through his band classes, and continues to spend time with friends that play the tuba and other instruments. Bryan Kolstad recommends playing a musical instrument to people of all ages.

Bryan Kolstad - Essentials for Boat Maintenance

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic based in the harbor town of Portland, Maine. As a marine mechanic, he repairs and maintains boats of all kinds, from small racing boats to yachts to fishing boats. He is self-taught, and learned the trade of boat repair at a young age by apprenticing with other mechanics in Maine. Boats can require a lot of maintenance, and there are many essentials that are necessary in order to keep any boat in its best shape.

When you first purchase your boat, you should create a tool kit with everything you would need to fix small problems aboard, and leave it in a safe place on the vessel. This should include things like screwdrivers, wrenches, hammers, nuts and bolts, pliers, a folding knife, and a telescoping mirror. These should help you fix any minor problems with minimal effort.

Another important essential for your boat is a set of dock bumpers. Especially if you are just starting out with boating, or you are sailing in high-traffic areas, there is always the possibility that you might run into another boat, and you’ll want to be prepared in case this happens. A set of dock bumpers will protect your boat from scratches or nicks in the event of a minor collision. You’ll also want to make sure you carry some fuel stabilizer aboard with you. You should never use untreated gasoline, so this should always be handy. These are just a few of the many important boating essentials that Bryan Kolstad recommends.

Bryan Kolstad - Why You Should Invest in A Boat

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic based in Portland, Maine. He has always had a passion for boats, and decided to turn that passion into a career when he started doing boat repairs and maintenance in his hometown. He has also owned many boats throughout his lifetime, and recommends buying or renting a boat to anyone who lives near a large body of water. There are many great reasons to invest in a new boat.

- Boating is an activity that nearly anyone can enjoy, and if you have a family, a boat can easily keep all of you occupied on summer weekends or on vacation. From cruising down a river or on a beautiful lake, to spending long, lazy days fishing, there are plenty of things to do out on the water.

- Boats allow you to explore parts of the world you may otherwise never see. In North America alone, there are plenty of beautiful places on the coasts that are only accessible via the water. A boat will give you a new freedom to explore and take off on an adventure.

- Going boating can be a great way to relieve stress. Relaxing out on the deck of your boat on a beautiful sunny day can make all of your worries seem nonexistent for a few hours. Plus, owning a boat can give you an excuse to spend more time with friends, which can be stress-relieving in itself.

These are just a few of the many reasons why Bryan Kolstad and many others around the world recommend buying a boat.

Bryan Kolstad - Three Reasons Why I Love Maine

Bryan Kolstad is a native Mainer who is currently living in Portland and working as a marine mechanic. He has spent his entire life in this beautiful state, and highly recommends living there to anyone. Although he has traveled to many other wonderful places throughout his life, he continues to call Maine home for these reasons.

1. Maine experiences all four seasons, from bright, warm summers, to cold winters. The foliage in the fall and spring are also beautiful. Because of the range of seasons, there are many fun outdoor activities to enjoy there, from fishing and swimming in the summer to skiing and snowshoeing in the winter, and everything in between.

2. It isn’t a crowded state, so there’s plenty of space for everyone to enjoy the beautiful surroundings. Living in a small city also makes it easier to meet new friends and feel a sense of community. Portland is also very affordable compared to bigger East Coast cities like Boston or New York.

3. Maine is home to some of the best fresh food in the United States. The seafood is freshly caught every day, and the lobster in particular is world-renowned. There are also many small orchards in Maine that grow fresh berries in the summertime, and some even let you go pick them yourself. On top of that, Portland is home to many amazing restaurants in a variety of cuisines.

Bryan Kolstad absolutely loves his home state, and continues to find new things to love about Maine all the time.

Bryan Kolstad - Tips for New Boaters

Bryan Kolstad built a successful career as a marine mechanic and has worked on a variety of boat engines. He operates out of Portland, Maine and is provides a reliable and efficient service to boat owners in the area. Bryan Kolstad is a native of Maine and has spent his entire life in this beautiful state and enjoys playing golf when he is not busy working. He shares a couple of tips new boaters can use.


If you are planning to take your boat on the water, you might want to overdress. The weather conditions on the water are normally different from that on land, so you might want to be prepared when you go out for a day on your boat.

Don’t Speed

When you are docking, you want to make sure you take it slow and easy. Going slow will ensure you do not damage you boat by colliding, and remember, pros take it slow as well. You rather go slow that speed up and end up paying for costly repairs on your boat.

Boat Launch Ramp

If you are using the boat launch ramp to get your boat in an out of the water, you will want to speed up things and no hold up things. There will be other people waiting to use the launch ramp as well, so make sure you do not hog the launch ramp.

Bryan Kolstad enjoys working as a marine mechanic.


Bryan Kolstad - What You Need to Know About the Compound Bow

Bryan Kolstad is a man of varied interests. He is an experienced marine mechanic who enjoys playing golf, the tuba, clay sculpting, and archery. He started archery class when he was a teenager, and continued pursuing the sport and is an experienced archer today. Archery is a popular sport in the United States and around the world. Bryan Kolstad shares a few things you need to know about compound bows.

It is easy to identify a compound bow because of its multiple strings and pulleys on either side of the bow. The compound bow is widely used in both 3D archery, bowhunting and field archery around the world. The reason many archers use the compound bow is because of its “let-off” capacity.

The “let-off” capacity is the point during the draw when the archer holds less draw weight. This allows the archer more time to aim and is particularly useful in hunting. When buying your first compound bow, you want to look for one that has a fairly low draw weight. This should be regardless of the archer’s strength and the “let-off” the compound bow has. To begin with, you might want to get a simple, affordable compound bow that will help you learn the fundamentals of the game.

Your first compound bow should have a non-specific draw length, and match your eye dominance. It should have a light draw weight, don’t get one that is difficult for you to draw and control. You should be able to use your bow for at least six months to a year, so keep this in mind when you buy a compound bow. Bryan Kolstad recommends getting a compound bow you can afford.


Bryan Kolstad - The Beginner’s Guide to Clay Sculpting

Bryan Kolstad discovered his interest in clay sculpting several years ago. When he is not busy working on boat engines, he can be seen working with his clay sculptures. Working with clay sculpting is working in three-dimension and will take some time getting used to. So if you are a beginner, Bryan Kolstad suggests that you work with your skill and be patient because the end result is always satisfying. Here are some tips you can use.

Envision the End Result

You need to have a vision of what you want to achieve. Your will have to make multiple sketches of what you want to achieve so that you have an idea of how to proceed. Remember to take the dimension of the shapes and the rations into consideration.


Working with dry clay is difficult and is not recommended. Your clay will need to be sufficiently wet before you start. Make a small cylinder with a piece of clay and bend it double, if it bends easily and smoothly then the wetness is just right. If it cracks you might want to add a bit more water to it.

Without the Potter’s Wheel

If you are not using a potter’s wheel, you can still build up forms. You can use coils of clay to build up the sides of a hollow shape by laying the cloy down.

Avoid Protruding Shapes

Advanced sculptors use long metal skeleton structures to support the weight of the clay, but as a beginner, it would be best to avoid protruding shapes until you have sufficient experience in building clay sculptures.

Bryan Kolstad has built several clay sculptures and displays them in his home.


Bryan Kolstad - Why Archery is Good for You

Bryan Kolstad has many different hobbies that he enjoys in his free time, and one of his favorites is archery. He has been practicing the sport for years as a way to relax and meet new people. Many people around the world enjoy archery for several reasons. It is a very engaging sport that requires a lot of concentration and focus, and it is an incredibly fun challenge. Archery actually has several health and mental benefits as well – here’s why the sport is so good for you.

As previously mentioned, archery is great for improving mental focus and concentration. The amount of precision needed to hit a target is very high, and it takes time to develop this as a skill. Therefore, many people who practice archery find that their concentration starts to improve over time. Archery is also great for reducing tension, because in order to hit the target, you can’t be jittery; you have to remain calm and breathe. This is a great mindset to have throughout your entire life.

Archery also has many physical benefits. Although it is not a cardiovascular workout, it can be a great way to build strength and tone your muscles. Bows and arrows are actually much heavier than people would expect, so over time, you will tone the muscles in your upper body, and strengthen the bones as well. Standing up for such a long period of time can also be a good way to tone your legs. Bryan Kolstad is very passionate about archery, and enjoys these health and mental benefits as well.

Bryan Kolstad - Essential Fishing Supplies

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic who lives and works in Maine. He works on all types of boats, but frequently treats fishing boats, as fishing is such a popular activity in Maine. Like many Mainers, Kolstad also enjoys getting out on a fishing boat when he has some free time. If you are planning on going fishing, there are many essential supplies that you will need to get started.

- Rod: Every fisher needs a strong, durable rod to pull their fish in with. Look for one with a weight you are comfortable with and a strong reel.

- Line: You will need to keep lots and lots of extra line in your tackle box, because the small, thin material is something you will go through very quickly.

- Hooks: These are another item you will need plenty of extras of, especially if you are a beginner. These small items can easily get lost in the water or even on the boat. Be careful with them, though, as they are very sharp.

- Bait or lures: In order to catch the fish, you will need some bait. Different types of fish may respond to bait in different ways, but for the most part, basic worms should be fine. If you want to take things to the next level, though, you can opt for a lure that looks like a very small minnow, which will attract larger fish.

These are just a few of the many things you should keep in your fishing supply kit. Bryan Kolstad enjoys fishing in his spare time.

Bryan Kolstad - Things to Do in Maine in the Summer

Bryan Kolstad is a native of Maine, where he currently works as a marine mechanic. He has continued to live in Maine for so many years because of the beautiful natural surroundings and abundance of things to do there. Summer is an especially wonderful time to visit Maine, as the weather is beautiful, there’s no snow to get in the way of things, and everyone is out having a good time, making it easy to socialize. Here are some of the most popular things to do in Maine in the summer.

  • Hiking: Many people don’t realize how amazing Maine is for hiking. There are tons of gorgeous trails, especially at Acadia National Park. Whether you choose to take an easy stroll through the woods or a challenging mountain hike, you’ll see some truly stunning nature.
  • Fishing: Maine is also home to some of the world’s best seafood, and one of the best ways to take advantage of that is by going fishing. The state’s abundance of ports makes it easy to find somewhere to fish. If you want to enjoy the seafood without the work, you can opt to visit one of the state’s many top-notch restaurants instead.
  • Berry picking: Although this may sound like a New England cliché, there are really so many beautiful places to go berry picking in the summer in Maine. This can be a great way to spend time outside with friends, and at the end of the day, you will have some delicious fresh fruit.
  • Visit a lighthouse: Maine has some of the United States’ oldest lighthouses. You can easily make a day of visiting the Portland Head Light or other notable lighthouses.

Bryan Kolstad loves Maine and often goes out to explore.

Bryan Kolstad - Why Maine is Perfect for Family Vacations

Bryan Kolstad is a native Mainer who currently works as a marine mechanic. As a child growing up in Maine, he enjoyed exploring all of the beautiful scenery and fun activities that Maine has to offer. Maine is a perfect vacation spot for anyone to visit, but it is an especially good choice for families. Here’s why you should consider taking your summer vacation in Maine.

-Most towns in Maine are very tourist friendly, but they aren’t overly crowded. If you have younger children, you won’t have to worry about losing them in huge crowds, but there will still be plenty of places that will cater to them. For older kids, there are tons of outdoor activities that they can enjoy.

-Maine is very safe. When you visit a big tourist resort, amusement park, or city, you may worry about crime such as theft. However, the laid-back, country culture in Maine means that you won’t have to worry about safety and will just be able to relax.

-Traveling to Maine will encourage kids to get outside and be active. They can enjoy hiking, swimming, berry picking, or just walking around any of the beautiful old towns the state has to offer. Since so many kids spend extensive amounts of time on the computer or in front of the TV, this can be a great break from that.

Bryan Kolstad loves living and working in Maine. The friendly atmosphere and natural beauty makes it a wonderful place to visit and to live.

Bryan Kolstad - Three Ways that Creative Activities Perpetuate Productivity

Bryan Kolstad is a self-employed professional who has been working hard for the sake of his community, Portland, Maine. He has been serving the people there are as marine mechanic for the better part of the last two decades, and he is trusted with any boat maintenance his clients might need. He began working in the field when he finished his education, and his obvious boating knowledge helped make him the top mechanic in the area. He has enjoyed boating his entire life, and his motivation for being a mechanic is that he gets to help others enjoy the same activity.

Bryan Kolstad is self-employed, which helps motivate him to get things done, but he also indulges in creative activities in order to stimulate productivity. Not only does he serve as a boat mechanic, but his also an amateur clay sculptor and a tuba player. Being creative can help professionals reinvigorate their productivity overall, and actually perform better while on the job. Here are three ways being creative can help your work to the best of your abilities.

Engaging in creative activities reduces your overall stress levels and relaxes the mind. This is great for any professional working in a fast paced environment because it allows the mind a break. Being creative focuses the mind on something enjoyable, which acts like a refresher. You may find that if you’re having trouble solving a problem, taking a break could be the solution your need to think more clearly. Stress can inhibit your ability to think clearly, so it’s important to focus the mind on something else.

Taking the time to indulge in creative activities will also increase your mind’s ability to think outside the box. Being creative means to think of things differently than the people around you; this can be a coveted talent as a professional, especially if you work for a company that it trying to distinguish itself from the competition. The more you engage in creative activities, the faster you’ll be able to see creative solutions to difficult problems.

Being creative also makes you a well-rounded person, which means you’ll be more likely to try new things. Performing creative activities can boost your self-confidence, and give you the push you need to take that next challenge. Self-confidence is something that is valuable in all facets of life, so it is something to work on as an individual. It will help you both professionally and in your personal life. People who don’t typically undertake creative projects are often intimidated by trying something new, which won’t be an issue the more activities you do.

Bryan Kolstad enjoys spending time on his creative endeavors as well as his work. He finds that when he takes the time out of his day for himself, he is able to return to work refreshed and more productive.

Bryan Kolstad - Activities You Can Do on the Water or in a Boat

Bryan Kolstad is currently serving the community of Portland, Maine as a marine mechanic. He has been working in the field for twenty years, and he has a great deal of knowledge when it comes to performing boat maintenance. He enjoys his job because he makes it possible for people to enjoy their water activities. Here are a few activities to do while boating.

When you’re out on your boat, things don’t have to be all about relaxation. Extreme water sports have been picking up traction over the last few years, and they are even creating water parks where wakeboarders and skiers can get pulled through obstacles without needing a boat or lake. Try your hand at wakeboarding when you’re out on the water next, and enjoy the water in a whole new way.

Boating also allows you to go tubing. Tubing is a great way to have fun on the lake, and you can even buy a variety of tube sizes that allows you to ride with several people at a time. It can be fun to see who can hang on to the tube the longest while the boat goes through choppy water, performs maneuvers, and increases in speed. Always wear a lifejacket for safety in case you fall into water.

In addition to tubing or trying out some extreme sports, you can also just enjoy the environment by swimming. Pull your boat into the area of the lake called the no wake zone, and enjoy the peacefulness of the water around you.

Bryan Kolstad has always enjoyed being on the water, and he’s thankful for the job he has.

Bryan Kolstad - Tips for Improving Customer Satisfaction

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic who has been working in the community of Portland, Maine for two decades. He began working for himself after his education, and began taking clients in the area immediately. Operating your own business means that you need to focus on customer satisfaction. Here are some tips for self-employed professionals.

Take the time necessary to listen to the customers’ needs. Understanding the customer is the first step in creating a successful experience, and possibly continuing a fulfilling professional relationship for all parties involved. If you take the time to listen to the customer, you can figure out the necessary motivation to make a sale of your product or service.

In addition to listening to the customer, you need to know exactly what you can do for them. Have a complete understanding of the services or products you provide so that you can accurately explain what you can offer each one of the clients. Each client has different needs, which means you need to know how to adapt your focus in order to suit those needs.

Lastly, take the time to find out how you did. Customer service can only be improved if you know the ways in which to improve. Offer your customers a quick survey to take once a service has been completed. This will give your customers a chance to tell you in detail what you did that was useful, and what you did that needs to be improved for a better experience.

Bryan Kolstad is committed to his career as a self-employed marine mechanic, and he works hard for his customers.

Bryan Kolstad - Useful Tips for Boaters New to the Water

Bryan Kolstad is a marine mechanic who has been working in the field for around two decades. He works hard so that his clients can enjoy the water, and he began taking clients in the Maine area shorty after finishing his education. Here are some useful tips for new boaters just starting out.

Make sure you bring warmer clothes than you’ll think you’ll need. It can be cold out on the water and in a moving boat than on land, even in the summer. It’s always a good idea to bring a sweatshirt or sweater if you plan on being out in the boat during the evenings. The weather can change on the water faster than on land as well, so bring a rain jacket or something to keep yourself dry in case of rain.

Don’t speed in your new boat. This is especially true when you’re trying to dock the boat. The throttle can be more sensitive than you initially anticipate, so you need to get familiar with the way your boat operates before you try anything too fancy. When you’re docking the boat, you want to make sure you go slow and steady so you don’t cause any damage to your boat, the dock, or people around you.

If you’re using the boat ramp to get your boat in and out of the water, you need to be courteous to the other boaters who need to use it too. Don’t hog the ramp and take your time; get comfortable with the process so that you can speed things up for others’ sakes.

Bryan Kolstad is a dedicated marine mechanic.