Brynn's Favorites!

Here are a few of my favorite things to do, ranging from when I was younger, to what I do to pass time now! #curleesclass2015

My favorite sport: Volleyball! I am going to be joining a team soon.

When I was younger one of my favorite things to do in the car was have my dad play a song over and over again until I learned a few words. Not the best singing I know, but keep in mind I was only three.

Minecraft is a computer game that lets you build, create, and design your own structures. You can interact with others through the chat and there are various mini-games on different Minecraft servers.

Recently, mostly due to the membership we just received, I have been visiting thee Zoo. So far, my favorite section is a small, dark room with bats, deep sea fish, piranhas, sloths, and more!

Here is a Tackk that goes into more detail about Minecraft and shows the trailer.

This is one of the many songs from the Catching Fire soundtrack, one of my favorite movies (I love the whole series, actually.) Not to mention that the song is sung by one of my favorite bands, too!

To wrap this up I leave you with a picture of my younger self on my favorite holiday: Halloween!

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Aye PotatoChipQueen :)

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2 years ago

NO KIDDING... you almost made me buy Mine Craft.