How dose a tornado form? A tornado forms when a warm wet front and cold dry front collide and a updraft and downdraft cause the cold and warm air to rotate and eventually causing the cloud to touch the ground.

How tornado's are measured

Tornado's are mehured in what e call the fujita scal

Historical tornado events

May 3,1999 Oklahoma tornado outbreak

Deaths: 46 Injured:800 Cost: $1.5 billion

May 22,2011 Joplin Missouri

Deaths: 161 Injured: More then 1,000 Cost: $3 billion


Prepare: If there is a possibility for tornado's have Flashlights,Water that will last for 3 days,batteries for the flashlights,nonperishable and blankets pillows (padding)

How do we tell its coming?

New stations have radars that can tell if there is precipitation or a danger like lightning,hurricanes,storms,blizzards and tornadoes and they have a warning

Impact from tornado's

  • Losing loved ones
  • Losing a home

Many people are impacted by losing loved ones they open there eyes and there not next to them.They have lost a home the roof is ripped off and there are few walls standing.


Cold front: A cold mass of air

Warm front: A warm mass of air

Updraft: a downward moving current

Downdraft: a upward moving current


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