Dork  Diaries
Xiomara s.

In this story, there is a girl named Nikki. HER two friends are Chloe and Zoey. She was always the nerd in school, but one day all that changed!

Nikki is always considered clumsy in her school. One time, she forgot to tie her shoes and when she picked up her lunch tray and tried to find a table, she tripped on her shoelaces and fell over. The next day, she found herself on the cover of the school newspaper.

Nikki's diary is very important to her! Every day after school, she goes straight home and finishes all her chores.  after she watches her daily shows, she writes about what she did that day. If she didn't know what to do, She would write a little something about what she thought she may do that day. I think that if she ever lost her diary she would'nt know what to do!

This is Nikki's best freind, Chloe. She is now in a bigger grade than before and she thinks she is ready for a tattoo.  Chloe was even brave enough to go up to her mom and ask her if she could get a tattoo. Her mom said, "no." At school, she told Nikki and Zoe she was going to run away from home because she could'nt get a tattoo. Nikki came up with an idea and told Chloe she would get marker and draw any design she wanted.

Zoey is Nikki and Chloe's best friend. She is very nice to them both and cares about them both equally. When Zoey heard the news that Chloe was going to run away, she really wanted to help. The next day when Nikki, Chloe and Zoey were at school, they met in the teacher's lounge. Nikki drew a dragon on Chloe and Zoey's arm and they loved it. They loved it so much that at lunch they showed it off. They even showed it to Brandon, the one they all liked. They told him that Nikki did the drawing. Brandon told everyone about it. they loved the idea! The next day at lunch everybody was in a line in front of Nikki waiting for a tattoo!

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This Tackk was created for educational purposes only as a class project.

Dork Diaries by Rachel Renee Russell

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