He was son of Poseidon and Thoosa. His from Homeric Island ,Hyperea .

Poseidon god of the sea
Those a sea Nymph

Polyphemus loves going to Hawaii to see the volcanos

A short clip of when Odysseus and his men went to the cyclops island. Odysseus and his men blinded Pholyphemus to get free from his cave. Poseidon got his sons cry for help, so that Odysseus could pay the price so he never got home.

Gigantic by the Pixies is one of Polyphemus's  favorite songs. His favorite people from the band are Black Francis the lead vocals,and plays rhythm guitar and Kim Deal plays bass and is also the backing vocals.

Monsters Inc. is Pholyphemus's favorite movie because of Mike Wazowski he is a one eyed monster as well. He can relate  to his favorite character.

Mountain Monsters is the show that Polyphemus watches when he has time. He loves to see that he isn't the only monster out there. He can't wait to be on the show himself.

Pholyphemus loves sumo wrestling with his buddies.The Gigantes they were a tribe of one hundred giants his budiess born from Gaia the Earth.

Pholyphemus favorite hobby is to go hiking

Polyphemus hates getting told what to do by humans. He gets very angry and will eat who ever tells him to follow their rules.

He likes to eat humans his favorite dish is human fingers and heart burgers.

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