Saira Blair

From high school to state house!

A teenager named Saira Blair is recently at the College of Virginia University. Saira has set her heart and soul set to be prepared in order to be elected, by the West Virginia people, and be a part of their legislature branch. She was already voted republican nomination in the primary election for her district. In order for her to even have this she will have to defeat a two-term incumbent (someone currently holding an office or a position) thus if she accomplishes that she will be one of the youngest people in office. The district that Saira is in knows her already so she is most likely to be voted and to win. Saira also stated that she’s going door-to-door in order to reach out to the people for things that might be in their concern and for what she’s concerning about. In this Saira is stating, “One of the only reasons I want to do this is because of the jobs.” “Most of the people here have to go to a different state just to work.” In this discovery Saira wants to create jobs for them by lowering taxes on companies, have more businesses, and to expand jobs in West Virginia. Saira also states that, “I am willing to take the time to reach out to them personally.”  After all she dose Saira doesn’t care if she wins or lose on election day her plains are way to strong to get ride of.

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3 years ago

you can't use the website of the article as an additional resource; is too general; Good job with summary. 40/50