looking back, moving foward

This year was a very fun year. I met many new people over the summer. I went on vacation and got my license to drive a golf cart, I took the TACH test, I made it into all my three schools I applied for. Notre Dame Academy High school, St. Joesph by the Sea High school, and Moore Catholic High school.  Next year i am going to Notre Dame Academy. Also this year I am playing softball for the first time. I am playing for Saint Charles. Im sad for graduation because i love every single one of my class mates. They mean the world to me and have given me the best memories of my life that i will never forget.

Next year I am looking forward to high school. I will miss my friends that have been with me for 9 years at St. Clare, but I am excited to meet new friends at my new school. I'm going to be doing cheer for Notre Dame Varsity cheer leading team and I'm excited to go to Disney with my team. I am going to try to play softball for Notre Dame if i make the team! I'm also excited for my new classes and new things i will, be learning when I get there.

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