A Day in the the Life: Indonesia

I live in the country Indonesia. My name is Putu Dela Apsari and I am 11 years old. Her sister and her have breakfast together every morning for school. Putu and her dad play music together. Putu an her family eat dinner together.


Each morning Putu eats breakfast with her sister, Komang. They eat rice, chicken and vegetables with a iced chocolate drink.

Before we leave for school

Komang and I pray at the temple at the back of our house. Then, me and my sister tell our mother goodbye and dad takes us to school.


In Indonesia we study reading, writing, math, and science.


Kogang and Putu try to take a nap in the middle of the day just for a few hours. Also, its way to hot outside to even try to play ot there.

Dance class is over

Dad picks up my sister and me from dance class and when we get home we play with our dog blackie. Our mom makes me and my sister a cool drink and a snack.

Dinner then Bedtime

At 6:30 p.m my family eats dinner together. Then at 7:30, I wash and get ready to go to bed.

My daily routine

My name is Sadee Luensman and I am 13 years old. My mom, dad, brother, and sister all live together. My mom takes us to the bus stop every morning.

Getting ready for school

I wake up at 5:00 a.m me and my older sister share a room. Everyday me and my sister get ready with eachother. We either take a poptart to eat in the car if we dont have enough time.

Bus Ride

My brother is only 6 and goes to the elementary school. We get on the bus and we pick everyone up then we stop at the elementary school and drop the little kids off. Then we head to the middle school and high school.


School starts at 8:14 a.m my first class is Social Studies then I go to choir. After, choir I go to Science and after science I have lunch.

After School

When, school is over I get on the bus then head to the elementary school and pick up those kids. When, we head on the rode we drop everyone off we get home at 3:45. When, I get home I have a snack then do my homework if I have any.


After about 5:00 p.m my mom starts to make dinner. When dinner is over I get a shower then play my brothers game with him.

Night time

When my brother goes to bed at 8:00 p.m me and my sister go to our room. We usually play on our phones or go to bed.

Similar and Different

In my daily routine and Putu routine their is similarities and differences. Putu and I both get up in the morning with our sisters and eat breakfast. Also we both eat dinner then do some stuff then go to bed except she goes to bed earlier. We also have to take the same classes at our schools. Some things are different though Putu takes naps after school instead I stay up. I have to ride the bus she doesn't. We live in different countries and we have different languages.

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