In, 2, 3.. Out, 2, 3..

In, 2, 3.. Out, 2,3 .. In, 2, 3.. Out, 2, 3.. And Cross!

Finally, we learnt how to dance the famous Irish dance! And honestly, that was insane and.. really exhausting! There are two types of Irish dance : ballet style and step style! We learnt the second one : the rhythm is sustained and so fast! You have to be tough and have muscular legs if you want to finish the dance! I can tell you one advice : drink a lot and a lot of water!

So during this typicall Irish party, with Irish traditionnal songs, we discovered the wonderful universe of perspiration and legs cramps! Seriously, I thought it was a great experience, funny and crazy ! We did two different dances : one in which everyone formed a large circle and an other one in which you had to form lines of four people, face to face with another line, and at the end of the dance sequence, we had to move.

We even had the chance to see a real dancer, performing for, us a little dance beacuse "we were kind" (it's what the organizers said)!

I will never forget this wonderful experience and this amazing trip!

Thanks everyone for this awesome trip!

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