Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc ARAA Group Inc Results

Reduce Processing Costs

Increased Customer Service

Improved Information Reliability

Example Results

· Provided faster entry of JV's and facilitated external Feeds.

· Reduction of data entry while providing faster creation of employee reimbursements.

· Provided simplified multi-year retention and graduation reporting and other Institutional Research related reporting.

· Provided quick and easy access for faculty and staff to assist students on the web.

· Provided ability to identify and correct data not identified by baseline reconciliations.

· Abney, Ramsay & Associates, Inc

· Sample Deliverables

· New Finance Spread Sheet Input Process

· New Flex-Spending Integration to Accounts Payable

· Custom View Development combined with Microsoft Tools

· New Searchable Web Schedule and Student Locator.

· New reconciliation Process, Tools and Methods.

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