Didn't die in a war or a duel but,assassinated stealthily what made him deserve such a special carefully done death? Sitting bull was born in South Decota 1831,when he was born his nickname was slow it was the perfect name for him he walked slow he ate slow he even talked slow. His mom's name is Her Holy Door his older sister was named Good Feather and his father's name is Sitting bull. When slow was ten he killed his first buffalo and that's an incredible for a child on a horse. When Slow was 14 he got involved in a battle he was still a child so he had only a pony no bow and arrow he had coup stick (koop) he was parallel to a person with a bow but slow was quick he dodged the arrow and hit the arrow out of his hand then hit him of his horse and galloped away.Out of achievement he got his father's name Sitting Bull which means courage and strength

coup stick


In late 1875, Sioux and Cheyenne Indians defiantly left their reservations, outraged over the continued intrusions of whites into their sacred lands in the Black Hills. They gathered in Montana with the great warrior Sitting Bull to fight for their lands. The following spring, two victories over the US Cavalry emboldened them to fight on in the summer of 1876.

George Armstrong Custer To force the large Indian army back to the reservations, the Army dispatched three columns to attack in coordinated fashion, one of which contained Lt. Colonel George Custer and the Seventh Cavalry. Spotting the Sioux village about fifteen miles away along the Rosebud River on June 25, Custer also found a nearby group of about forty warriors. Ignoring orders to wait, he decided to attack before they could alert the main party. He did not realize that the number of warriors in the village numbered three times his strength. Dividing his forces in three, Custer sent troops under Captain Frederick Benteen to prevent their escape through the upper valley of the Little Bighorn River. Major Marcus Reno was to pursue the group, cross the river, and charge the Indian village in a coordinated effort with the remaining troops under his command. He hoped to strike the Indian encampment at the northern and southern ends simultaneously, but made this decision without knowing what kind of terrain he would have to cross before making his assault. He belatedly discovered that he would have to negotiate a maze of bluffs and ravines to attack.

Reno's squadron of 175 soldiers attacked the southern end. Quickly finding themselves in a desperate battle with little hope of any relief, Reno halted his charging men before they could be trapped, fought for ten minutes in dismounted formation, and then withdrew into the timber and brush along the river. When that position proved indefensible, they retreated uphill to the bluffs east of the river, pursued hotly by a mix of Cheyenne and Sioux.As the Indians closed in, Custer ordered his men to shoot their horses and stack the carcasses to form a wall, but they provided little protection against bullets. In less than an hour, Custer and his men were killed in the worst American military disaster ever. After another day's fighting, Reno and Benteen's now united forces escaped when the Indians broke off the fight. They had learned that the other two columns of soldiers were coming towards them, so they fled.


Sitting Bull was rebellious and powerful the settlers where some what scared of what he would do. In 1888 Sitting Bull was getting to old to fight he finally surrendered and lived in a reservation. At night Sitting Bull slept,mean while settlers entered his house dragged him out of bed took him out side and the shotgun went of friend ran to help but it was to late.


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