Bay Shore Middle School
Tech Smackdown

Kristina Holzweiss, Library

Tackk - Create online flyers, websites, and projects.

Jill Pickus, P.E.

QR Codes - Create treasure/scavenger hunts and stations.

Nick Giusto, Health and P.E.

Remind - Share information with parents and students.

Wendy Mercado, Foreign Languages

Class Dojo - Manage and assess student and class behaviors.

Kahoot! - Create interactive games.

Liz Galarza, Reading

Google Docs - Share and assess student work.

Claudia Leon, ESL

Notability - Annotate student work.

Skitch - Label images to help develop vocabulary skills.

Andres Borromeo, Computer Lab

Important Information

1 - Please limit the use of labtemp. This should be for emergency uses only.

2 - Realize that students have a wide experience using computers and iPads.  Mac computers are used in the middle school, but not the elementary schools.  Student technology use depends on their core teachers and teams.

3 - The first day visiting the computer lab will be closer since the students' profiles are being loaded to the computers. The login process will improve if the students know their usernames and passwords, and if the students sit at the same computer each day.

Saving to  S User

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