Guitar Volume In A Song

(Graph 1)

A few days ago my friends and I went to a concert where our favorite band was playing our favorite song. After, I came home and thought that I should do a little research just for fun, on the guitarist .The graph shows the volume of an acoustic guitar during the song. At the beginning the guitar volume was low,  being at around 1.6 kHz. As the song was reaching its climax, the guitarist, named Johnny was strumming faster as well as stronger so the volume kept on getting louder and louder, not at all steadily. When it reached its climax, the volume was at around 2.9 kHz and did not change because Johnny was holding a long note. By the last part of the song, the volume was slowly but steadily getting quieter as the song ended at 4:00 minutes. Overall, I really liked the band!

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