Spanish 2
Tips for Success

What can be done to improve student understanding?

Vocabulary is essential in order to communicate effectively in the target language. Here is a list of ideas to improve vocabulary.  Translator Warning: I cannot stress this enough, online translators should be avoided for creating sentences.  They are "ok" for single words, but even then I want students to double check with me prior to using the translated words in projects.

Textbook Resource:

Vocabulary Websites & Apps: Quizlet, Memrise, StudyBlue These vocabulary sites allow students to create vocabulary sets, embed images associated with vocabulary and download apps to Android or iOS devices.  The bonus to downloading to a device is the student has anytime/anywhere access to studying (standing in line at a store, on the athletic bus, during Liberty get the idea).

Grammar can be tricky.  I strongly encourage Liberty Hour tutoring for one on one support for grammar concepts.  However, there are some sites to help improve basic grammar rules and applications.

Grammar Websites & Apps:  Conjugation Practice, Study Spanish, Rocket Languages These free grammar sites allow students to learn about grammar rules and or practice grammar concepts. ConjuVerbs is an iOS app that costs $0.99, but it is rated the #1 iOS app for learning Spanish verbs.  Conjugate Verbs is a free Android app.

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