Ipad /Instructional Tech. Class

Summer 2014

GOALS--->Learn something new, share it with your students, see the connection to PARCC/TESS.



*Text to Speech      settings>accessibility>speak selection>on

*Screen Shot           hold home button and power button simultaneously/pics will be in your album >>> HINT: use screen shots of student work and feedback as TESS Artifacts. Create albums for the different TESS domains.

*Have students use photo albums from their ipad to present slideshows at parent nights or to present projects.  (use it like a digital picture frame)

Go to photos>albums>select an album>slideshow

*Turn off notifications for any or all apps    settings>notification center>select an app>select none on alert style

*Toggle between apps quickly-  double click home key to go back and forth between apps you have open frequently (on a side note, swipe apps up to close.  This saves your battery)

*Charge quickly! If you or your students need to charge an Ipad in a hurry, turn the ipad on airplane mode for a speedy charge.  settings>airplane mode>on

*Airdrop   Share items from your photo stream quickly with students and vice versa by airdropping. swipe up from the bottom of your screen and turn airdrop on.  You can accept or decline images sent to you.

*Use your Ipad's built in dictionary   No longer do you have to download a dictionary app.  Simply highlight a word and hit define

*IPHONE TIPS useful for classroom: Turn your calculator to landscape to make it scientific.

When your compass is open, swipe your screen to the left to make the compass a level.


Classroom Management Apps

*Book Retriever-manages your classroom library and textbooks

*Class DOJO - tracks attendance, behaviors, and communicates it with parents/students

*Text Remind 101- allows you to easily text parents/students reminders without using your own phone number  (handout directions at open house or p/t conferences)

*Star Reading- allows students to take AR reading tests on ipad (check your Star subscription to see if that's an option for your district)

Creation/Presentation Apps

*Snapguide-provide step by step directions using pictures and videos. Easy to insert captions and text as needed.  

*T-charts- create t-charts with your classes. With pros/cons rating scale, students will have meaningful discussions on how important a point made in a debate is.

*ShowMe- a great collection of presentations and lessons made by teachers using interactive whiteboards.  You can store and upload your own lessons as well.  Students can present work here, too! Very user friendly.

*Haiku Deck- a good alternative to powerpoint if you want to keep word levels down on slides.  Nice picture database and easy to use.

*GoodNotes- Annotation app that allows you to mark on pictures, worksheets, or anything else you screen shot or add to your photo stream

*Evernote- Students can create notebooks here where they can type and submit documents with their teacher as well as store materials. pretty much an online folder/notebook

*Nearpod- Teachers present content with control of all students once they are logged in to the presentation. And  it provides a student response system if you choose to insert polls, quizzes, or practice exercises.  No set up required for students.  Import your old powerpoints.  Get reports of student work. AWESOME. This is getting more user friendly all the time.

*Popplet Lite- create flow charts. you can import pics, type, or write with your finger or stylus.

*Lino  - an online bulletin board for your classes.  Sticky notes can be typed on, pictures can be imported on it, and you can tell who posts what. (It's easier for the teacher to set it up on a computer and then have students use the app. You can invite students via email or make it public.)

*Storykit - Students can create their own books! (with or without illustrations)

*InaWorld- Make your own movie trailers

*Aurasma-  hide content, video, web pages in objects around your room or school

*Puppetpals- create stories with characters provided in the app or import your own pictures to add real life characters (elementary kids LOVE this!)

*Phoster- easy to use poster making app/lots of great templates or start from scratch

*53 paper-

*Skitch-annotate on documents and pictures  (This app is free.  Goodnotes costs a little)



*bit.ly   -shorten lengthy web addresses.  Create an account and it saves all your shortened links.  Give them unique names.

*freetech4teachers.com   I always get great new ideas here.  He always is on the cutting edge of educational technology.  

*todaysmeet      A backchannel for your classroom.  I've seen 1st graders all the way up to seniors in high school using this.  Print the transcripts for great TESS artifacts.  

*tackk   - a good hub to post things for your classes.  Students can also use this to present information and findings during projects.

*fruit machine-  randomize students for discussion/ checking work/ picking groups/ picking order of presentations

*powtoon- an alternative to powerpoint.  Cartoon like. Very good visual and audio.  Elementary to high school kids love this.  Makes presentations fun!

*Google Forms-  make your assessments online! Add a script to have it automatically graded.  Collect data easily.  Lots of possibilities here.  I'll add a page with step by step directions.  

*getkahoot.com - student response system.  Great for test reviews or quick formative assessments.  Results are automatically sent to an excel spreadsheet you can save.  (students join the quiz by going to kahoot.it)



***** NEW UPDATE! Here's the how-to on using the grading system FLUBAROO and a google form to create assessments that are easily graded!!!


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