We Need Swings

Opinion writing Isabelle Wildflower Miss Vogt March 21, 2014

                        Do you ever not  know what to do at recess? Well, that won't happen if we get swings ! Who am I? Isabelle Wildflower here to tell you (Dr. Wingert) why we need swings!

                  When I first came to Grant elementary school I realized this school did not have swings! But don't you think swings are fun?

                      Swings can be dangerous if you are not holding on. But Kindergarten-Fifth- grade can  hold on! Or we can put behind the Log Cabin.  

                       If other day-cares and preschools don't you think we could too? For  safety we could put a back on the seat and install  a safety belt.

                              On a warm day the wind could cool you off on a swing. It is also  a way to keep active. Plus we want new equipment, just like you.

                        If we got swing sets we would have ideas for recess. That is why I think  we need swings Dr. Wingert!