I Tried...

Ever since the first signs of the outbreak came to my attention I've tried with the best of my ability to help out with looking for vaccines. I've been to camp after camp helping patient after patient, trying my hardest not to get too attached. I stay as happy as possible to keep the patients from becoming despondent. With me being a mother of my own two beautiful little girls, it hurts me to see young children come into the camps with the terrible symptoms of the Ebola virus. One child in particular reminded me if my own. She was brought into the camp early August in a dusty Hurse, she was only about 5 years old with long kinky hair, petite limbs and the most beautiful set of eyes. It devastated me that she had to experience such gruesome pain. She was always so bright spirited and optimistic. Every morning I would go and check on her and her vitals and everyday her face grew sicker and sicker. I fought long and hard with the little angel eyed child. I could see her growing pains and it was always a blow to the chest seeing her cry. I knew she was fighting her hardest. The virus got worse and I knew her little body couldn't take it much longer. I prepared her and I for worst because sadly we knew it was coming. It was a dark day when i walked into the room and her big beautiful eyes were no longer open. I tried. I really did.

Cereal And Confusion

I woke up one morning feeling unusual. I walked down stairs finding my mom pouring my usual bowl of cereal. But something wasn't normal about this morning. The room was spinning around me and then I fell asleep unknowingly. Next thing I knew I was in a room with all white walls and toys I've never seen before. A nurse came up to me and explained what happened to me and why I am in this strange room. Every day the same nurse came in and checked on me to see how I was feeling. Strangely instead of getting better I seemed to be feeling worse my body became weaker, but the same nurse stayed by my side the whole time I could feel myself getting worse by the day. She reminded me of my mother. By the 12th day in the room I started bleeding from my eyes and pooping a lot. Then it got to the point where I didn't even want to stay awake anymore, I was terrified. One night I just fell asleep and I never woke up again.

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