The Phantom of the Opera

By:Alaina Nunez

S- The subject is the commercial’s showing scenes from the show to get others to want to see the show also.

O-The occasion is to see The Phantom of the Opera play.

A-The audience is people who see the ad and would want to see the play.

P-The purpose is to persuade people to want to come and see this play.

S-The speakers are the singers from the show in the commercial.

Ethos-They are showing this commercial of this musical because they want people to come and see the musical. The commercial shows scenes from the play and plays the music to get you interested in wanting to go and see it.

Pathos-It shows the emotion between the characters in some of the scenes. It shows the love and struggle between the characters also. To make the person feel something for what they are seeing this commercial, which will pull them into wanting to see the show.

Logos-The reasoning that’s shown is tickets being on sale and making them want to see it.

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