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Don’t ever be tempted to do any of these things in an attempt to get autonars review . Todo so would not only risk getting the reviews deleted, but could even potentiallycause you to lose your Amazon account forever! Don’t risk it!1. Paid Reviews – Some people sell reviews on sites such as Fiverr or othersimilar websites.

Don’t ever do this! If Amazon finds out you’ve paidsomeone to review your book, you could definitely lose your entireaccount! Paid reviews are the biggest no-no as far as reviews areconcerned.2. Good Reviews in Exchange for a Copy – It’s fine to give away copies ofyour book and ask people to please give you an honest review on Amazonafter they’ve read it.

However, it is not okay to ask for or demand positive reviews. When giving away free copies, always state you are looking forhonest reviews.3. Exchanging Reviews – One popular method is for authors to give eachother’s books 5-star reviews in exchange for the other author doing thesame for them. This is not a good practice! If Amazon discovers thishappening, your reviews are likely to be deleted, and they could even banyour account from KDP!4.

Friends and Family – Many new authors ask their friends and family toleave reviews. This could backfire in a big way if Amazon ever finds out.Not only that, but if another author or buyer finds out, they will potentiallydestroy your autonars reviewby telling everyone they know. This has happened tomany authors. Don’t risk it! Social MarketingSocial marketing is especially effective for marketing books, because peoplenaturally love to talk about books they enjoy, and there are plenty of differentavenues available for promotion.If you’re marketing something else, such as socks or DVDs, there aren’t as manyavenues open for promotion through social media.

There aren’t fan pagesdevoted to them, and if there are, they don’t allow blatant promotion.With books, it’s greatly different. There are many different groups and pages onFacebook alone that allow promotion of your books as long as you follow theirrules, and not only do they allow promotion, they often encourage it!Even if you can’t find any Facebook fan pages that are devoted to your genre,you can create one! Creating and maintaining a fan page is quick and easy, andit can be used for more than just promoting your book. You can also use it topromote affiliate products and other products you produce, as well.

FacebookFacebook is perhaps the single most powerful social website for authors. Youshould have a fan page specifically for you, as an author. You may also want tohave one for your book or book series.To take advantage of other fan pages, search for groups and fan pages devotedto your niche or genre, especially those that focus specifically on books.

Checktheir rules, and if they allow self-promotion, do so!If they don’t allow self-promotion, contact the page’s owner privately and ask ifthere is a way to promote your book on their page. They may be open to paid promotion, or they may even offer to promote your book for free, especially if yougive them a free copy or allow them to do a giveaway on their page.Additionally, many official bookseller fan pages allow promotion.

Amazon’sKindle page allows authors to self-promote once each week, so take advantageof all those Kindle owners! TwitterTwitter is another great tool for authors if you use autonars review properly. You can’t just tweetyour books over and over an expect people to pay attention. Instead, use it tointeract with fans. They can become your “book ambassadors”, promoting thebooks for you!If you become personal friends with some of your fans, all you’ll have to do ispost a tweet and ask people to “re-tweet” it for you and you’ll potentially reachthousands of people very quickly! PinterestPinterest is a growing social platform which mostly focuses on sharing images.You create “pin boards” on which you “pin” various images. You can create listsof books in your genre and pin your own book to it.

You can also ask otherpeople to “re-pin” your book. If you re-pin some of their things, they’ll be morewilling to re-pin yours.In addition to making lists of books, you can also create pin boards that featurethings people who might read your book would like. For example, if your book isabout weight loss, you could have pin boards such as:• Cool running shoes• Best workout wear • Low calorie dessert recipes• Low calorie soup recipes• Best workout DVDsYou could link to your book in the description of every pin board, getting you a lotmore exposure than you would otherwise get.Don’t forget to share your pins and pin boards on Facebook, Twitter andelsewhere in order to get as much exposure as possible to all of them.


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