Vivian Malone

  Vivian Malone Jones was born on July 15, 1942, in Moblie, AL, to Willie Malone, and Bertha Malone, the fourth of eight children. when she was 12, Vivian read a newspaper article that schools in the south would be desegregated. Vivian asked her mom about the meaning of the decision. she already knew she wanted to attend college and major in business. yet she felt she could do anything as long as she put her mind to it. and, she accomplished it.

  because of this, Vivian Malone was looked up to by the African-american community, thanks to her we can all have an equal education.

  Vivian malone is brave because she fought without violence to end desegregation in schools across the United States of America. she is very smart, because when she was in high school she was part of the national honors society. she is very courageous because when she went to register for classes the Governor of Alabama at the time, George Wallace, kept her from entering the school. she over came all these obstacles and that is why i look up to her.

(above) a video about Vivian Malone Jones

(below) a popular song in 1963 Vivian Malone might have listened to.

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