The Monarchy of Liberum

"Les mensonges sont la vérité lorsque ledit par les autorités"

-Lies are Truth When Said By Authorities

The flag of liberum

                                      Flag Symbolism

Shades of Blue-Represents the sadness and despair the citizens of Liberum used to encounter before the end of war

White-The pureness and innocence of our Nation

Keys-A way to unlock our future and prosper


Constitution of liberum
Article I
The name of our virtuous country will hence be and forevermore named Liberum.
Article II
The glorious purpose of our divine monarchy is to take accountability for the lives of our innocent citizens, and to justify each and every one of our governmental actions by trying to obtain freedom. In such country we will provide safety and security to all citizens, including patriotic hope in the lives of others, and bring peaceful resolutions to temporary issues that we may or may not be accountable for. Above all else, Liberum will attend to the needs of others, cooperate with the most worthy of our citizens, and truly listen to ourselves, to our people, and to our cause.
Article III
the simple requirements of becoming a citizen to the prospering country of Liberum is to take a series of aptitude test proving that your knowledge is completely compatible with the average human intellect. After which you must only communicate one language, specifically English. If you know more than one, you must cooperate in a series of operations that remove said knowledge for your safety. Also, if you contain any disabilities (including blindness, deafness, handicap, etc.) it is recommended that you are aware of the certain consequences that come with such a burden. As an expectation to be a model citizen, you must work at least 17 hours a day, except on Mondays, you must offer full cooperation to every governmental order and procedure asked of you. Every male at the age 24 must serve in either the Military Forces, as a Governmental Employee, or as a Law Enforcement Officer until the age 48, in which you must either choose to continue with your current career or retire. Every female at the age 20 must serve as a Military Operator, Governmental Employee, or as a Law Enforcement Officer. Female citizens must(before the age 45) reproduce at least one offspring. If failure to do so, a female will automatically retire at age 45. Normal female citizens will retire at age 48. If a female is unable to produce offspring, they will be refused the privilege of work. Any citizens with disabilities will also be refused the privilege of work. Citizens must be able to speak English at the age 3. If citizen has not learned said language by mandatory age, they will be refused the privilege of education. Education is offered from the ages 5 to 23 and is a mandatory privilege.
Article IV
L’une Chozen
the right to be born is given to us by our dear Mother Demoniaque; her existence has graced us with our existence. She chooses who our great leader will be, L’une Chozen, if you will. For all of time this is how we shall elect our great leader, as we rise from the ashes of our enemies. A leader is chosen the first full moon of April. At this time, the eligible candidates (two men, one woman) who are employed as a Governmental Employee will arrive at the House of Sorrows. Entering, a confidential meeting with the spirit of Mother Demoniaque will occur, choosing our leader. The Unpure(the two remaining) will be given a chance to commit suicide to clean their souls of the filth that corrupts them. A new leader will be chosen each year, and this day will be hence and forevermore known as The Sang Ceremony.
Article V
Our Responsibilities

As your saviors, the Government promises to provide full protection from outside forces, safety and security to all it’s people, and equal opportunities to each and every citizen. In turn, our civilians must provide full disclosure, information, and any other mandatory facts whenever prompted. Also, each citizen must always obey their majesties and never stray. Disobedience and insubordination will result in the untimely demise of the citizen who dares commit such atrocities.
Article VI
For safety and security, these are the top 10 most enforced laws in Liberum
1)You are not allowed to speak to yourself . If you are alone, do NOT open your mouth.
2)You are allowed only 3 food rations a day. Stealing results in severe consequence.
3)Do not take breaks during working hours. Distraction causes destruction
4)Wandering outside is strictly illegal. You are only allowed to leave home to go to your career plot. You may wait in a designated bus waiting area INSIDE your home building
.5)Every order said by authorities is a mandatory action. It is never optional.
6)Resistance is always prohibited. If you refuse to do any task given, you will be punished.
7)Press, media, teachings, etc. must always be approved by our government. If it is against Liberum, it is against humanity.
8)Marriage must be approved by a court of law. You may only be allowed to marry one person in your life time.
9)Religious belief is STRICTLY banned.
10)Do NOT explore outside your designated city.
Article VII

Our flag has its two main colors; blue and white. The blue represents the pain and fear our citizens once had felt, and the white represents the innocence and purity of our new people. The intertwine of keys shows the truth into unlocking freedom and prosperity.
Article VIII
Our Savior

The only hope for our world and country, is Mother Demonique. She has given birth to the first men and women of the world, and she watches all and commands all of the government orders and commands. She is salvation. She is our Mother.

Mother Demonique in the ancient days

Mother Demonique has all the potential, glory, and grace of a woman, as well as the ability to bring enlightenment to others and see the best in people. She can very simply destroy all those who are against Liberum and it's government with a blink of an eye. She is your best friend but your worst enemy.

The origin of mother demonique

Our Savior

Mother Demonique was never born. She herself created the universe, mankind, and of course the almighty country of Liberum which has been here since the dawn of life itself. Since anyone can remember, the first human beings on earth were 50 men and 50 women. Both men and woman were created by Mother Demonique with the absolute tip of her finger. She lived guarded on a mountain high in the sky, in a glorious temple. Once a day one brave man or woman would venture up onto the mountain bringing peace offerings, such as bread, harvest, or water. Soon Mother Demonique grew older and older and weaker and weaker. Her body was growing elderly but her soul was still present. She called an announcement onto the village that she needed brave souls to risk their lives for her. Without any details, most were fearful and did not wish to venture. However, 2 men and 1 women of the village knew the risk and simply fled onto to the mountain. The terrain was treacherous and the 2 men both had died. The remaining woman had entered the temple and had greeted the divine spirit. She simply kissed her on her cheek and said, “For hence forth and further more I shall have a new life for all of eternity. Grabbing the woman’s hand, Mother Demonique had passed, but her soul had moved on into the woman’s body, and this would be the true ruler and savior of the world. The woman had destroyed and killed every member of the village for their cowardice, and had birthed a new race, filled with independent and strength. The race was known as Liberum, and it would forever be remarked as a safe haven for everyone willing to truly understand the fundamentals of our Mother Demonique.

The anthem of Liberum

Oh, our wonderful Mother

There is no one close to another

You will hold a special place in our own hearts

‘Till the day our souls will soon depart

From our bodies we give to you

So that you may truly live through and through

We fight, and bleed, and truly desire

To keep Liberum standing higher and higher

Mother Demonique we give to you

Our minds and souls and our families too!

the retirement center

Every member of Liberum has a citizen that must be treated to the extent in which they will be a danger to society and the fragile state in which our country has simply been exposed to. In turn, whenever a member of Liberum becomes the age 45, or does not fulfill the requirement in which a normal citizen must be under, they are taken into The Retirement Center, a place in which they undergo an operation as a last attempt to cure or save them. Unclean souls usually pass in the operation, their souls given as sacrifices to our Mother Demonique. However, there comes a time in which an unclean soul is so despicable and miraculously deprived that they will survive the operation. They will be spared, however they must be put under the care if the Government and they will be known to all of Liberum as the savage, despicable, horrific monsters they are. They will undergo countless torture that resembles the pain and sorrow they have put the citizens of Liberum under, and they will not be treated with mercy. Every so often, one may be spared if our glorious Mother Demonique truly believes this must be the case. However, death will surely come to the unclean once they become of elderly age, and their deaths will be a reminder to the traitors of Liberum that our Mother has the true authority, power, and responsibility needed to put the trouble makers to shame. The Retirement Center will have Governmental employees running the operations presented there, along with supervised understandings from our Mother. It is the citizen’s duty and right to report any unclean activities committed by peers, family members, and others. Trust Liberum with your life, and at the end you will truly be spared.

Isaiah Gomez
Christina Devora

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