Frankenstein Vocabulary
By: Amyah Ward


Sentence: I have an obsession for everything to be straight and neat and in its place.

Example: Hoarders

Synonym: Passion

Antonym: Hatred


Sentence: The lady who was talking to her, was agitating her because she wouldn't do what she asked.

Example: Tapping

Synonym: Disturb

Antonym: Soothe


Sentence: Lawyers have to toil through the day because they of all the work papers.

Example: Loads of work to do

Synonym: Strain

Antonym: Relax


Sentence: Hairless cats are very grotesque to me because they are extremely ugly.

Example: Warts

Synonym: Freakish

Antonym: Common


Sentence: I was very feverish when I got invited to the International Space Museum for an exclusive tour.

Example: When I'm about to perform in front of a big crowd

Synonym: Worked up

Antonym: Easy-going


Sentence: The convulsive man was just having spasms without even knowing how to stop it from happening.

Example: Person having spasms

Synonym: Eruptive

Antonym: Controlled


Sentence: The pie-eating contestants devoured the pies because if they were to win, they were going to get a lot of special prizes.

Example: I eat food very fast when I'm very hungry

Synonym: Gobble

Antonym: Preserve


Sentence: In science class, I gladly learned about frog anatomy.

Example: To study frogs

Synonym: Dissection

Antonym: Connection


Sentence: The tree we walked pass in the woods looked very gnarled and twisted.

Example: A twisted tree branch

Synonym: Out of shape

Antonym: Straight


Sentence: I shunned Sam because I didn't want to talk to him anymore.

Example: Not talking to someone

Synonym: Cold-shoulder

Antonym: Confront

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