End of the year Celebration


When: Saturday February 13th after basketball Tourney

Where: Molly Parents' House 27327 RIDGEWAY RD. , HARRISBURG, SD 57032

Please Bring: (No Peanut products)

        Your own beverages, Kids drinks will be provided and a desert/side to share

RSVP the number attending, what you plan on bringing (Side or Desert) special pizza request, (such as Gluten Free)  and anything else I may be missing.

Please RSVP
32 people are going
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Jaylie and Jon 2 years ago


Hage (+3) 2 years ago

I'll bring an appetizer

Madison (+3) 2 years ago

Appetizer/Snack of some sort?!?!?

Bezug (+3) 2 years ago

Haven't decided what we will be bringing yet!

Jersey Quien (+3) 2 years ago

Not sure what will bring yet. Guess it will be a surprise! Lol

Mandy & Kayden (+1) 2 years ago

Dessert - Because you can never have too many! 😉

Plahn (+4) 2 years ago


Paula Ulrickson (+2) 2 years ago

Corey, Brooklyn and I will be there! Thanks Laura! ! Please let me know if I can help out and or bring something specific ;)

Laura Parsons (+4) 2 years ago

Veggie tray

Angi & Ali 2 years ago

Dessert- something chocolate