Diary of a wimpy kid the ugly truth!!!!

So far this is what has happened in my book, over the summer Greg and Rowley get in a huge fight. Then, they still don't make up and it is already the day before the FIRST DAY OF SCHOOL! Now it is the 1st day of school, through the whole week Greg and Rowley are still in a fight. But Rowley found a new friend that is way more mature and older than him. He plays with him every day after school. Then the next week came and Rowley played with another older and more mature person. Greg realizes  that Rowley's mom is paying a company called cool Evan so Rowley can learn to play with other people, be more mature, and so he can easily make new friends without crying.  

Then, Greg decides to try to make new friends like Bryce Anderson, it doesn't go so well.

When Greg sees his new math book he looks who had the book last year and it was Jordan Jury (most popular kid in school.) So Greg thinks her will be popular because her has Jordan's book. But Jordan is only popular because he always has HUGE blowout parties.

some of the words i don't know are:

Lackeys: means a servant, the sentence is Bryce Anderson has the right idea,he doesn't actually need a best friend, because he's got a bunch of lackeys.

the other word is cronies: it means a close friend. sentence: Bryce is basically the Jordan Jury of my grade, and he's got a bunch of cronies who are always going along with everything he says.

Word: Irks it means to annoy someone. sentence Still, it kinda irks me that Rowley is having more fun. In fact EVERYBODY is having more fun these days.

perspiration: means sweat. sentence in the book: Rowley passed out at the two minute mark line when they said the word " perspiration." i have more words but there are too many.

the ugly truth!

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3 years ago

Megan, this is a really nice summary, and you've written it so well!!! Next time, shorten the summary part and just tell what you thought about the book. Give your opinions of characters and of what they've done. Which kid would you like to be friends with? Which ones would you rather not???? Why? I can tell you are learning a lot of new words in this book! Do you have any cronies? Is anyone in your grade popular enough to have lackeys? :) I really enjoy reading your entries!