Turkey Economy

Jayla Thomas 12/6/14

Turkey economy freedom is 64.9 making its economy the 64th freest in the 204 index it scores 2.0 points more than last year with notable improvments in labor freedom and the management of spending. Turkey is 30 out of 43 countries in the europian region and its overall score is higher than the world avarage. Although Turkey is a mixed economy it its one of the few self-sufficient in the world in terms of food Turkey main goods are oil and its abundant rainfalls for growing mostly any kinds of crops.Most oil industries are by the government except a few private businesses. The currency there is called Turkish Lira . Turkey current exchange rate to the us dollar is 0.43 compared to 1 us dollar. Turkey's growth vision for 2023 and then for 2030 is by fighting poverty by improving income distribution and creating employment opportunities. It is has a close rate to Israel and Iran. I think that they should start now by giving out more jobs and make bill less money to pay therefor they could have all kinds of classes in there economy ,but there government helps them by having plans in the future for its country . Hopefully they have a bright future do to the Ideas and plans they have.

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