Dear Mrs. Creasy,

This is Shirley – your student from Computer Science and staff for Yearbook Club. Due to the school year being over, I would like to share my gratitude for the skills and numerous other things that you have taught me. Because of you, the year was at ease and I was able to bond with you in a way that I wouldn’t have been able to with any other teacher.
With the help of yearbook club, I was able to interact with more people in my first year of school. In your Computer Science class, I was able to express my admiration for technology. While others may have thought that your teachings were not useful, I was able to take something away (typing, entrepreneurship, etc.) One of my favorite things was making the website on; it really gave me a feel on the work input needed to make a business marketable. I loved hearing about your husband and your dinner plans for the days and I also enjoyed creating a yearbook with the rest of the team. Your approach to my education impacted me by enabling the realization of the vitality of Computer Science. Whether it was intentional or not, thank you for everything that you have given to me.


Shirley Sikder

Dear Mom,

It’s your second daughter, Shirley. I’d like to share with you the impact that you have made on my life—not to mention, you were the one who created it. It’s crazy to even imagine taking care of Sabrina and I without the help of a manly figure. You are a strong woman with a loving, compassionate, and powerful heart. Although we may fight a great deal, without you I wouldn’t be in the amazing position that I am in today.

There are many things you have taught me: how to deal with stress, how to let the past not affect me, how to not rely or depend on others, why I should be caring, how to help others, what to do to help others, etc. It’s amazing to realize that you are selfless and care more about others than yourself; I definitely know where I got that trait from!

I remember you getting a ticket from the police just because I tried to wave to him and you paid the fees. I remember when you set up my 7th, 9th,and 11th birthday party and you set it up. I remember when you sent me to Bangladesh with Sabrina; that was something I sure didn’t enjoy since you weren’t there. Anyways, I want you to realize how much you have done for me as my mother and my best friend in the universe. You are my ride or die and the one that has been with me since the first day. Thank you for everything Mom. I love you!



Dear Sina,

Best friend, where in the world would I be without you? Thanks to you, I survived the first year of Shiloh in 8th grade. I truly feel like God made us best friends for a reason and we were meant to be this way. I cannot comprehend my love for you into words, but you mean a lot to me.

We have made countless memories many of which include going to the river, getting over fears, making plans for the future, etc. You’re basically like my sister and the things that you have done for me are beyond incredible. I love when you say “what happened happened” because it is true and it makes me move on from the past. I love you so much and I cannot thank you enough for being one of the only ones there for me in the 8th grade.


Your Bestfriend (Shirley)

                           Dear Natolli,

Gee! Natolli, you have been there for me through thick and thin. Additively, you taught me how to enhance my love for our religion—Islam. When you say “its whatever”, it really is whatever. Everything about you is just admirable. Moreover, you let me realize that I was not the only one in the boat—that I wasn’t the only doing the stupid things I did; you let me observe that we were on the same ship—together. There are endless memories that we have spent together, but my favorite one was probably when we went on that photo shoot together.


One of your real best friends- Shirley

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