Reminders, Ideas, and Thoughts to Ponder...


    "Guide them today with tomorrow in mind."  Thank you for guiding our students to bright futures, not just for a state assessments, but for life.  Your ability to touch students' hearts through the content you teach is what sets you all apart from the average.  It is your willingness to accept that children are not blank slates to be filled in with knowledge, but rather they are colorful canvases each with different strengths and potential waiting to be recognized.  So, as we prepare for STAAR and BAS assessment windows, remind yourself that no student is just a STAAR score or a reading level and neither are you. You have helped them add more color and knowledge to their canvas, they have what it takes to SHINE!  Step aside and watch them go!

                                                     It's a pleasure to watch you all in action daily,


1. #WhatIWishMyTeacherKnew- check this out!

2. Looking to inspire your students?  Check out these quotes meant to inspire children

3. "Give students the freedom to make meaningful decisions and they will impress you."- Anonymous

4. "Deny people the opportunity to give input and you turn people into machines … and machines don’t care." - Anonymous

5. "It sends the right message for you to be trying -- and failing. Your team will be more likely to innovate."

6. "You should be seen as of the culture, never above the culture."

7. "Truly confident people don’t mind being proven wrong. They feel finding out what is right is a lot more important than being right."

**Hats to Amy Laird for hosting this incredible support group for our 5th grade girls!  And thank you Mrs. Adams for being there to support them on their run!  They will remember this for life!  A BIG thanks to all of you who helped sponsor a girl!