Stress Manage Ment

3 Teen Stressors:

1.) SCHOOL (homework, grades, and tests)

2.) Future

3.) Family

Stress manage ment plan:

1.) A good way to manages stress from school it to make time out of your day for school work and do not let anything interfere with that. Also study and work hard and you will do grate.

2.) A good way to mange stress about the future is to not worry about it. We never know what the future has in store, it could be good and it could be bad but the best thing to do is deal with it when the time comes.

3.) A way to manage the stress that you family can put on you with even knowing it is to know that it is ok to mess up and say no because no mater what you do, say, or think they love you with all there harts. Friends and things may come and go but family is forever.

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