The Daily Show

Taylor Moulton

The Daily Show is in the format of News Satire (infotainment). The type of news source is Partisan. It uses a variety of characteristics including innuendo, double meaning, incongruity, and exaggeration. There are several different videos covering a wide variety of topics, so the target is everything.  

This video is subjective. It is about a lesbian that goes to a protest and talks to the protesters. They are protesting against gay people and gay marriage. Her being there is an incongruity. She is exaggerating how upset she is about them leaving soon because the rights they are protesting have already been approved. The target of this video is anti-gay people.

This video is subjective. It is about the protests going on in Baltimore and how the people with the authority to send police troops out to handle it were ignorant in thinking that what happened wouldn't. It has happened several times in the past and it was an easy pattern to pick out. It uses exaggeration when showing clips of the bombs and riots going on. It also uses parody when it shows the movie "50 First Dates" with a man photo shopped into it. The target of this video is The lead authorities and the rioters.

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