World War I

Trench Warfare

World War I will run from 1914 to 1918 and involve all of the Great Powers of Europe, their colonial empires, the United States, and the Russian Empire (and later, the Soviet Union.)  

In this section, we will be exploring the nature of the fighting itself:  New technologies, old tactics, and No-Man's-Land.


1. What historical military leader influenced much of the European commanders' thoughts about warfare?

2. Why were the old tactics not able to cope with the new military technologies of the industrial age?

3. Why does Trench Warfare emerge in the face of the new weapons?

4. Why is gas turned into a weapon?

5. How do tanks change the nature of the fighting?

6. Why is 'going over the top' so dangerous?

7. Describe how trench warfare reduces the ability to launch offensives.

This is a scene from the film All's Quiet on the Western Front.  It is an excellent depiction of "going over the top," as told from the German perspective.  Consider the tactical and technological images here and how they relate to what we have been learning.

8. How do the Germans respond to the Allied advance?

9. What slows down the Allied advance?

10. Describe the weapons that the Germans use to fend off the attack.

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