BY: Sydney Scholl hour 4

In the picture above this man with the child trusts him to be doing the floors. The workers in the Industrial Revolution had trust in their bosses. The kids that were in child labor trusted people to keep them safe and check on them. The workers and children should never trust anyone in those factories, they get injured they’re out of a job. Workers trusted their bosses that they would pay them, not knowing that they’re not getting a lot. The working conditions for the kids and adults were awful, kids are shouldn’t be anywhere near mechanical engines at a young age. The bosses trusted his workers to not get hurt but they weren’t in safe working conditions. If they want the workers to stay safe make the place safe for them to work in. Everybody was trusting one another now people don’t know who to trust now, some could be lying others could be telling the truth. You just a have to trust one another during these bad times otherwise you might get hurt. Trust is the major thing during the Industrial Revolution you don’t know who to trust you just have to take the risks, you trust someone good things could happen, don’t trust someone is could be good or bad. If the workers boss trusts them to get the product made, if you don’t do it you could be someone else or someone else job. Doing one bad thing could create a chain of bad things you just have to trust someone to do their job.

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