There once was a apple named George who went for a walk one day and met a cupcake named Sarah. George saw her and said " You really need to exercise" and when she heard that she needed to change she got mad and said " Why do I need to Change I like he way I am!" So with that she stormed off. George was shocked that a sweet little cupcake had that in her. So he just kept on going down the sidewalk and saw a carrot named Steve and George said " You and me we are the same.

And Steve replied by saying " Listen bud we are not the same I am a veggie you are a fruit." Steve kept on walking like nothing happened but George was sad he was out walking to find a friend that was like him. So with what just happened he just kept walking he may have gone three blocks from his house and talked to about 20 people but nobody was like him. So he was just about to give up when out of the corner of his eye he saw a tomato named Tyler go right pass him. So he said to him self he was going to try one more time so he got up the courage and asked if Tyler was a fruit and if he was looking for a new friend

It was quiet for a little bit and then bam!..... Tyler the tomato looked George right in the eye and said...." I am a fruit and I will be your friend."" Yippee!!! I finally found a friend!!"What's your name?" They both said. So Tyler said who he was and George said who he was.

The very next day they went to the furniture store to pick out furniture for George's new house. When they finally saw the right couch, chair, tv stand and living room table they said they we going take it. Then they spent the rest of the day moving the furniture into the George's house. Then the next day was the bedroom. The next day was spent doing the kitchen and dinning room.

When he last day came around that day was spent doing the backyard but when they were moving the stuff into the backyard Tyler noticed that was no fence. So the next three days they spent putting up the fence up. Then another day was spent painting the fence both of their favorite colors which was blue and green. Then on March 27 the house was finished. That night George through a party for the house being competed. The people that showed was amazing Steve,Sarah, and the other 20 people that he met during the day he moved in and guess what he was so mad because they didn't even talk to him during the party. When the party was over he and Tyler picked up the trash in the backyard and sat down on the couch and relaxed. 15 years have passed and Tyler and George are still best friends and still know how to through a party.

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