What is the purpose of a Business?

....but first, a little news....

What Businesses could be...

Homework for September...

Task 1

Study the links below and choose a British Business to study between now and Christmas! Make sure it has an intriguing purpose and that it is one that you yourself find fascinating (maybe you could imagine working there or maybe you use their products?)

Task 2

Write a 'magazine feature' about your chosen Business that includes...

- Who started the Business
- When the Business begin
- Why the Business was started
- Key Purpose and at least 3 Aims
- Where the Business is located
- Evidence of the Business being either Local, National or International
- Size of the Business (No of Employees, No of Offices / Branches / Stores / Factories)
- Classification of your Business
- Type of Business and associated benefits

Task 3

Get a Google / Gmail Account!


No saving, No Memory sticks, Access work on any device anywhere, instant in-work feedback and comments, discussions, comment on website, vote in website polls and more!!

Sign up using the link below or if you already have an account just bring your gmail address to School on your first day in September!