5 Ideas for Your Outdoor Furniture

Outdoor furniture in Singapore is plenty. So consumers are really spoiled for choice. However, not all outdoor furniture fare all too well under Singapore’s tropical weather.

Here are six types of outdoor furniture you’ll definitely want if and when you live in a tropical country much like Singapore:

  • 1. Outdoor wicker furniture

This is still, by far, the best choice when it comes to outdoor furniture in Singapore. It’s lightweight and durable and weather-resistant so you’re to enjoy many, many good years with your outdoor wicker furniture set. There are also plenty of contemporary and classic styles for wicker furniture these days so finding one that suits exquisite tastes won’t be a problem.

  • 2. Plastic furniture

It’s light and doesn’t cost much. The thing is, it doesn’t look like much either. It’s easy to clean though, just soap and wipe or rinse and let it dry. If you want patio furniture that’s convenient and you don’t mind that it’s only for the short-term—because plastic doesn’t last all that long—and that it doesn’t look as good as other types of outdoor furniture, then have at it.

  • 3. Teak furniture

It looks sleek, modern and contemporary. The only downside is, it probably wouldn’t be able to stand up against constant rain and will eventually fade. You could put this in your patio or balcony. Just make sure it’s under an awning or a roof to protect it from the sun and rain. Cover with sealant to keep the moisture and water out. Wood can absorb water and rot.

  • 4. Steel furniture

Good thing about steel furniture is that you’re sure it’ll stay put in a storm. It’s very durable and does indeed last for a long time. However, make sure you have it chemically treated. Otherwise, it could rust. It’s also a bit too heavy to move around so if you like mixing the furniture up and constantly moving this piece to that corner or that piece to this side, then be ready to grow muscles on your arms from lifting furniture. Or have some people ready to help you out.

  • 5. Aluminum furniture

With a powder-coat finish, your aluminum chairs and tables are sure to last. However, these don’t come cheap—you pay for quality, after all—and you might find the price too steep. It’s easy to clean though and is lighter than steel so moving it around isn’t a problem.