Central African Republic

There are many Elephants in Central African Republic.

   When we meet people a handshake is used in formal and social settings in the country where I live.When we go somewhere we use small pickups and vans also called taxis.At our country we began primary school at age 7. You should come we will greet you with a smile.We have many different kinds of animals.When we eat we sit in a circle on the ground.

Central African Republics flag is red,blue,white,green,yellow .
Bangui is the capital of Central African Republic.

     When we celebrate we sing and make music because music is the most important art to us.Hopley you can speak many languages because are main one are Sango and French In September 2014 the United Nations officially took control on the peace treaty. In March 2013 Michel Dajotodia overtook the government of the Central African Republic in coup.

The Chidren love it when visitors come.


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